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WebScience and P4I team up for Cloud Transformation

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WebScience and P4I team up for Cloud Transformation

Faced with a highly dynamic context with constantly evolving markets and a high degree of uncertainty, it is essential to have the necessary tools to be ready for change and not to be caught unprepared. So Italian companies are discovering the benefits of Cloud Transformation in terms of agility and resilience. The Cloud Transformation Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic has highlighted the continuous growth of the cloud market in Italy which in 2022 exceeded by +18% compared to the previous year, reaching 4.5 billion euros. To seize the potential of the sector, WebScience e P4I who have entered into a partnership with the aim of offering a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to support customers and companies embarking on the Cloud Transformation journey, with specific skills functional to this transformation.

Complementary skills for a successful Cloud Transformation

By combining the complementary skills of their experts, the two companies offer added value to customers, guaranteeing a professional approach in the management of Cloud Transformation, a solid foundation to offer a complete transformation path with a 360-degree vision.

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P4I, with strong market experience, provides organizations with comprehensive support in defining organizational strategies, reviewing processes, analyzing skills and sourcing strategies. P4I’s approach is based on multidisciplinary and diversified skills, offering solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

WebSciencefounded in 2000, is theAgile Digital Factory italiana specialized in software development with agile methodologies, and in the modernization and creation of customized digital applications. Furthermore, he deals with the evolution of the application architecture towards cloud-native paradigms, designing migration paths to the cloud and implementing low-code applications. On January 19, 2023, she was buy now SEa leading European brand specializing in consulting, software development and IT services.

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The challenges of Cloud Transformation

Second Massimo Ficagna, co-founder of WebScience, companies must be flexible and competitive in the market, experiment with new ideas, make the best use of data and modernize their application portfolio. In this context of rapid and complex evolution, the Cloud has become a strategic priority and many companies have already started the migration path. “The partnership between WebScience and P4i was created to face the challenges of Cloud Transformation, offering specific skills and an integrated approach” concludes Ficagna.

Marco Pozzoni, General Manager of Partners4Innovation, points out that adopting the cloud allows companies to achieve greater flexibility, scalability and availability of services, improving their ability to adapt to changing market needs and offer better experiences to customers. The path to the Cloud is now considered essential as a driver for IT strategy and as an enabler for the Business. “The partnership between P4i and WebScience offers companies a 360-degree structured support to successfully face the path to the Cloud” comments Pozzoni.

360 degree transformation paths: the added value of WebScience and P4I

Companies that choose to undertake a Cloud Transformation process have to face various challenges deriving from the presence of obsolete and stratified technologies, inflexible architectural models and lack of specific skills on the Cloud. To be successful in transformation, you need to address these challenges on multiple fronts.

WebScience and P4i collaborate to help companies manage these challenges and reap the benefits of transformation, working on seven macro-areas:

  • Cloud Strategy: consists of defining the cloud adoption strategy and target architecture through an understanding of the current state of the architecture, processes and skills to design the best path towards cloud transformation
  • Organization: it has to do with planning the areas of intervention on the processes, introducing different ways of working, identifying a reference framework of skills and formulating training guidelines, defining the governance for cloud management, ensuring greater collaboration and constant dialogue between IT and other corporate departments
  • Security: focuses on the identification of the security requirements at an infrastructural, organizational and supplier level, the definition of the security management model, from a risk-based perspective, the mapping of the security tools and solutions in use and the related gaps to the identified targets and the definition of performance management, compliance management and security monitoring indicators
  • Legal&Compliance: offers support in the analysis of contractual, technical, security and personal data protection documentation and in the identification of contractual criticalities, requirements and security measures in terms of privacy and security by design and by default
  • Migration&Modernization: deals with the migration and modernization of applications using possible alternative approaches: moving workloads to an IaaS model, migrating to a new runtime platform, modernizing the application architecture and existing code, replacing with SaaS applications
  • Infrastrucure&Platform: guarantees the selection and sizing of the services offered by the cloud providers most suited to business needs and the preparation of cloud development environments, SecDevOps and hybrid & multi-cloud orchestration solutions and monitoring and automation systems for managing cloud services
  • Financial Management: allows the management, monitoring and optimization of costs, to ensure widespread visibility on Cloud costs, improve accuracy in Cloud spending forecasts and allow informed decisions and better ways of accounting for costs related to Cloud services.
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