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Weekly: Sleeping Robot, Oak Processionary Moth, “The Santiago Boys”

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Weekly: Sleeping Robot, Oak Processionary Moth, “The Santiago Boys”

This week’s “Weekly” is about falling asleep using a “human-shaped device”. This is how the Japanese researchers describe it in their study. They investigated whether adults fall asleep better and rate their sleep quality better if they do a three-minute breath-relaxation exercise before bed and snuggle up to a human-like robotic doll during bedtime. TR editor Wolfgang Stieler not only talks about the results of the study, but also describes his impression of the robots used. They come from the robot researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro, who caused a stir a few years ago with his doppelganger robot.


Also in “Weekly”:

Pheromones in the oak crowns: TR editor Andrea Hoferichter reports on the approach taken by the NRW Forest and Wood Agency to prevent moths from reproducing. Because the caterpillars of the animals can cause unpleasant reactions such as itching, inflammation or painful coughing in humans through their hair.Tip of the week: The newly launched podcast “The Santiago Boys” by Evgeny Morozov. We use it to take a little trip back in time to Chile in 1973. To be more precise, to the time before and after President Salvador Allende’s coup.

More on this in the whole episode – as an audio stream (RSS feed):

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