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Weekly: sodium batteries, solar panels, free knowledge

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Weekly: sodium batteries, solar panels, free knowledge

This week’s “Weekly” is about battery research, more precisely: about sodium batteries. Great expectations are placed in the electricity storage. Sodium is abundant in nature and is easily broken down. However, they have a lower energy density than lithium-ion batteries. Do sodium batteries still have what it takes to replace the lithium batteries that are in widespread use today? Among other things, Fraunhofer researchers are working on solid sodium batteries, which they presented at the Hanover Fair last week. We talk about the differences between lithium and sodium batteries and the general trends in battery research.

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Also in this week’s “Weekly”:

  • Tip of the week: Podcast Radiolab, episode “The library of Alexandra”. It is about Alexandra Elbakyan, the initiator of Sci Hub, the freely accessible platform for scientific papers.

Weekly appears on the MIT Technology Review podcast feed and is the science and technology magazine’s third podcast format. In “Deep Dive” the editors deepen a topic from the magazine once a month. The monthly interview format “Unscripted” focuses on exciting personalities from science, technology and society. The “Weekly” format completes the offer. You can find an overview of the podcasts here.

Here you will find an overview of our three podcast formats: the weekly news podcast “Weekly” and the monthly podcasts “Unscripted” and “Deep Dive”.

More on this in the whole episode – as an audio stream (RSS feed):

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