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Weekly: Superconductors, Avian Flu and Meta’s Leaked Language Model

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Weekly: Superconductors, Avian Flu and Meta’s Leaked Language Model

Wednesday is “Weekly” day: In the weekly news podcast of the MIT Technology Review, the editors talk about current topics and provide the background. This is the only way to evaluate new technical developments or new scientific studies.

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Today, for example, we are dealing with a new material that is superconducting at room temperature. A research group led by Ranga P. Dias from the University of Rochester uses a compound made from the rare earth metal lutetium and hydrogen by replacing some of the hydrogen atoms with nitrogen. The substance is said to lose all electrical resistance below 21 degrees Celsius when it is exposed to ten thousand times the atmospheric pressure. What do you think of it? Is this now the breakthrough for superconductors?

Also in this week’s “Weekly”:

  • tip of the week – Editor Andrea Hoferichter was given a water swirler. What is it and what does it do to the water?

Weekly appears on the MIT Technology Review podcast feed and is the science and technology magazine’s third podcast format. In “Deep Dive” the editors deepen a topic from the magazine once a month. The monthly interview format “Unscripted” focuses on exciting personalities from science, technology and society. The “Weekly” format completes the offer. You can find an overview of the podcasts here.

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More on this in the whole episode – as an audio stream (RSS feed):


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