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What happens now if you insult Alexa

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What happens now if you insult Alexa

Everyday Alexathe virtual assistant of Amazonfinds himself managing numerous insults. We don’t know what triggers the anger of the people who utter them. But we have confirmation that this happens. During 2023 – according to what Amazon Italy communicated – users didn’t just say “thank you” or even “I love you” to Alexa. Someone came down hard on it.

“You’re an idiot”, “you’re very ugly”, “you suck” are examples of insults that the virtual assistant received last year. It is a systematic verbal violence, similar to that of which real people are victims, especially women: in Italy 9 out of 10 women who claim to have suffered violence claim to have also suffered psychological violence.

That’s why, on the occasion of International Women’s Day (8 March), Amazon Italia worked together with ActionAid – organization that has been fighting for people’s rights for 50 years – to ensure that Alexa does not respond “in kind” to the foul language that hits her every day.

Artificial intelligence “Alexa, let’s talk”: the fate of voice assistants is no longer hanging on a timer by Pier Luigi Pisa 20 September 2023

Every time he intercepts an insult or offense, the Amazon assistant will respond with phrases that “underline how verbal violence is capable of leaving a profound impact on the health and social life of those who are subjected to it”.

“Talking about psychological violence against women and raising awareness of the impact it has on their lives is one of the fundamental steps to eradicate the widespread patriarchal culture that continues to produce discrimination and gender violence in Italy” he said Katia Scannavini, deputy general secretary of ActionAid Italia.

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To listen information and insights related to the damage caused by verbal violenceAlexa users will also be able to simply ask: “Alexa, have your say”.

“Being a constantly consulted interlocutor in the homes of Italians, Amazon’s voice assistant wants to be an active part of the change and, in collaboration with ActionAid, enhance the power of one’s voice” he said Giacomo Costantini, Business Development Manager of Amazon Alexa.

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