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What happens to WhatsApp from February 29th and why you don’t have to worry

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What happens to WhatsApp from February 29th and why you don’t have to worry

The alarm comes regularly every year, sometimes even every 5-6 monthsrelaunched online by dozens and dozens of sites, in Italy and around the world: WhatsApp will stop working on these phones starting from this date.

In 2024, the date is February 29th: from that day onwards, i.e. starting from March, the popular messaging app (has just exceeded 2 billion users in the world) will actually stop working on some phones. Which I am honestly though old or very oldperhaps too much to really care about.

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WhatsApp no ​​longer works on these smartphones

A complete and official list of phones on which the Meta app will no longer be usable it doesn’t exist, especially for those with an Android operating system (of which there are many): WhatsApp doesn’t provide it. And yet, it can be obtained in some way.

Online (Who) the company explains that “we currently support and recommend the use of the following devices: Android with operating system 5.0 and later; iPhone with iOS version 12 and later”. And therefore, the list of devices with Google software includes some Samsung from the Galaxy familyLG from the Optimus range, the famous HTC Desire 500 and also the Sony Xperia M. As can be understood from the names, they are all smartphones with several years behind them: the Desire 500 dates back to 2013, as does the Jelly Beanthe version of Android no longer supported by WhatsApp, was presented on July 9, 2012. That is, almost 12 years ago.

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Con iOS it’s simpler, because there are fewer phones: from February 29th, WhatsApp will stop working on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and on the first generation iPhone SE. That is, precisely those stuck in iOS 11, made available in mid-2017. Almost 7 years ago, in short.

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Why does WhatsApp stop working?

The point to understand is that the problem is the software, not the device itself: those (for example) who have a Samsung Galaxy updated to an Android version from 5.0 onwards will have no difficulty continuing to chat using the Zuckerberg app.

And the problem is the software because, as they have often explained on WhatsAppthe older he gets the less he is able to have the skills to perform some of the functionality of the app and especially to receive key updates from an IT security point of view.

From WhatsApp they recalled that “for keep up with new technological developments and dedicate our resources to the latest operating systems, it is our policy to discontinue support of older systems” and that “if we no longer support your operating system, we will notify you and send you reminders to remind you to update your device so you can continue using WhatsApp.”

In the event (unlikely, especially in Italy) that you still have one of the smartphones that can no longer be used with WhatsApp, our advice is their advice: “We encourage you to switch to a supported device.” It is also a question of cybersecurity, fundamental for an app to which we entrust so much of ours conversations and ours private life.


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