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What is AI Art, the Italian competitor of Dall-E 2 developed by Contents.com

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What is AI Art, the Italian competitor of Dall-E 2 developed by Contents.com

Contents.com is one of the Italian startups that we liked the most among those present at the last CES in Las Vegas (all news): Helps businesses create content using GPT-3, the AI ​​algorithm that powers ChatGPT.

When we had met themwe had anticipated the intention of announcing some innovations in the following weeks, and now the time has come for one of these innovations: it is called AI Art and it is a tool for turn text into images using artificial intelligence, a bit like the well-known Dall-E 2 does.

The case

Does Generative AI Infringe Copyright? The 2 reasons why Getty sues Stable Diffusion

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What is the purpose of AI Art

As explained, AI Art “allows you to create an original image starting from a description in natural language (the so-called prompt, ed), to improve the resolution of a photograph or some of its specific features, such as the face”, and would be intended for use in the world of art, design and photography.

The idea of ​​the Milanese startup is from offer these new features to companies who already use its services to create product sheets for ecommerce, texts for blogs, for marketing or for promotion on social networks, so that they can “enjoy, through a single subscription (which starts at €29.99 per monthed), of a wide range of services that go to satisfy all the needs during the content creation process”.

In addition to the modes Image creation (cioè Text-To-Image) e Enhance Image (i.e. Image-To-Image), there will be a third function, called Enhance face, precisely to improve the general appearance of the portraits, which will also work on multiple images at the same time. Also, the tool should allow you to generate images choosing the style best suited to your needs (photographic, illustration, graphic design, painting and digital art) and also customizing the size of the image.

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Artificial intelligence

The Art of the Prompt: How You Can Make Money Selling AI Ideas

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But “human creativity is irreplaceable”

Massimiliano Squillace, CEO and founder of Contents.comsaid he was convinced that “AI Art will have a real impact on the life of teams and companies”, recalling however that “there is a lot of debate on the use of AI in content creation, often dominated by prejudices on the possible consequences on the market of labour, lacking a real confirmation in the data: according to recent studies, in the near future the risk of automation of the work of a painter is 77%, while for a graphic designer and for a journalist 4% and 9% respectively. Human creativity definitely remains something irreplaceable”.


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