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What is HuggingChat? All about ChatGPT alternative AI

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What is HuggingChat?  All about ChatGPT alternative AI

Taking advantage of the fact that ChatGPT ended up in court, the time has come to scan the web in search of some alternative. Seriously, have you ever wondered if they exist alternative, green open-source chatbotto the one developed by OpenAI?

One of the more interesting answers is HuggingChata tool developed by Hugging Face, completely open-source and based on the latest LLaMa model by OpenAssistant (LAION), one of the best open-source models on the market.

Compared to when HuggingChat launched, currently to use it, you must first create a profile on the official website, a request that is made to us on first access. After that, we will have the possibility to use an interface very similar to that of other chatbots on the net.

HuggingChat is quite capable of answer in Italian and you can decide whether to have the chatbot respond directly or direct it via web search.

The system uses 30 billion parameters (while GPT 4 should aim for 1000 billion and GPT3 175 billion) but still defines itself as the best open source chatbot currently on the market, but pay attention to its answers: in practice, it is a slightly less performing and accurate chatbot than ChatGPT, encountering greater difficulty in correctly identifying the conversation topic and sometimes inventing answers from scratch evidently wrong to the questions posed, suggesting for example that we visit car portals when asked to solve a linear algebra problem.

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