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What is Manage Devices, the new Netflix feature to control who accesses your account

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What is Manage Devices, the new Netflix feature to control who accesses your account

Netflix has just introduced, also in Italy, a new feature called Manage Access and Devices (in inglese, Managing Access and Devices), which should allow you to “easily view recent devices that have streamed from your account and log out of specific devices with a single click”.

Lo scope it is clear, also because the company uses a concrete example to explain it: “Log into your account from a hotel or at a friend’s house it’s easy and intuitive, but sometimes you forget to log off”, which is simpler and faster with this function. In this way, in short, you avoid reaching (even unknowingly) the maximum number of devices that can be associated with the profile. And yet, there are other reasons for which Netflix introduced her.


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How it works Manage Access and Devices

Before explaining them, let’s see how to use the new feature: start from the page Account (this one, once logged in)scroll a few lines and you click on Manage Logins and Deviceslanding on a page (this) where you can see which accounts have accessed the profile, when, from where and with which device. It should be kept in mind that the same device (a computer, for example) it can appear several times if you use different browsers and that the location is not very precise, but in this way you still have a concrete idea of ​​who did what. And clicking on Go out you can log out of devices you no longer want to be connected to.

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What is it for Manage Access and Devices

The new feature, which according to Netflix would be “much in demand” by subscribers “to manage account security”, is available from browsers and also from app per iOS e Android. And it can have some unexpected implications.

For example: it also serves for find out if your password has been stolen or otherwise identified and used by someone who should not use it; can be exploited by a parent to find out not only what their children have seen, but also at what time and from where in the world.

Above all, it is another tool in Netflix’s hands to continue the fight against password scammersthose who share them outside the family unit and perhaps profit from them: not only does it push in some way to make the activity of viewing the various profiles linked to the account explicit, but it is also a way in which the company seems want to prove that it is perfectly able to identify any anomalous use. Like a gigantic warning: “I know what you do with your account”.


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