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What is the volcano that spews gold and where is it located?

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What is the volcano that spews gold and where is it located?

The Erebus Volcano in Antarctica, known for its majestic eruptions that send lava flowing down its slopes, also surprises experts by throwing gold dust in its explosions. Located on Ross Island with an altitude of 3,794 meters, Erebus has been active since 1972 and is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Phillip Kyle, a professor at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, explained that the volcano’s unique ability to yield gold is due to the hot gas emitted during eruptions, which transports gold particles into the air. As magma flows to the surface through faults in the thinned crust, gas pockets containing up to 80 grams of gold in small fragments are released.

While the Earth Observatory of NASA suggests the low water content in the magma as another reason behind this phenomenon, Kyle notes that collecting the gold is not a profitable venture due to the small proportions scattered over time. He emphasizes that “No one will get rich off Mount Erebus.”

Aside from its geological features, Erebus is also remembered for a tragic event that occurred on November 28, 1979 when 257 people died in the crash of Air New Zealand flight 901. Despite these events, the volcano remains a fascinating and unique natural wonder in the remote Antarctic region.

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