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Where is cloud adoption at? An investigation by Nutanix

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Where is cloud adoption at?  An investigation by Nutanix

At what stage is the adoption of the cloud, also in Italy? Nutanix announces the results of the sixth edition of its global report which evaluates companies’ progress in cloud adoption. To conduct the research Vanson Bourne which surveyed 1,500 IT and DevOps/Platform Engineering decision makers worldwide in December 2023. The respondent base spans multiple industries, company sizes, and geographies, including North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa ( EMEA) and Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) region.

Nutanix: Italy late on hybrid multicloud

Based on data from Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index in Italy 96% of interviewees (90% globally) declared that they had adopted a “smart cloud” approach for their infrastructure strategy, exploiting the most suitable environment for each of their applications. Additionally, 93% (83% globally) believe hybrid IT environments are more beneficial due to their ability to manage applications and data. However, despite the interest in distributed environments and the focus on hybrid IT implementation, Italy lags behind the world average in hybrid multicloud adoption.

Sustainability is a priority

The study also found that for Italian companies, rapid application development and better control were the main drivers of moving applications from one environment to another over the past year. While globally the drivers coincide with improved security and regulatory requirements, as well as integration with cloud-native services. Furthermore, unlike the global results (88%), for 95% of those interviewed in Italy, sustainability is a priority for their company, confirming the Bel Paese’s attention to ESG initiatives.

Nutanix: a what is the point of cloud adoption

Benjamin Jolivet, Country Manager of Nutanix Italy
Whether it’s security, sustainability or AI, IT companies are facing one pressure growing to rapidly modernize their IT infrastructure. In Italy, 80% of respondents are planning to invest in IT modernization. While 76% plan to increase investments in sustainability projects and technologies during 2024.

What is important to highlight is that, according to this year’s report, businesses need to support the technologies of tomorrow by future-proofing their IT infrastructure. And in that sense, hybrid multicloud continues to emerge as it standard reference infrastructure, thanks to the flexibility it offers in supporting traditional VM applications and modern containerized applications, as well as movements between cloud and on premise.

The main results of the research

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Protection against ransomware is a priority for both CCOs and professionals, but the majority of companies continue to struggle following an attack. Ransomware and malware attacks will continue to pose a real threat to businesses throughout 2024. However, data protection and recovery remain a challenge. 61% of respondents in Italy (71% globally) who suffered a ransomware attack said it took them days or even weeks to restore full operation. To address this issue, 69% (78% globally) say they plan to increase investment in ransomware protection solutions this year.

Focus on a set of priorities

Moving applications and data remains a complex challenge for businesses. Business workloads, including applications and data, often find their place in the IT environment best suited to their needs. And this whether it is an on-premise data center, a public cloud, a smaller edge location or a mix of all three.

The applications

This diversity Application placement is part of the reason why 97% of Italian respondents (95% globally) said they had moved applications from one environment to another in the last year. Security and integration with cloud-native services are the main factors that have led to this global shift. However, Italian companies indicate a unique set of priorities, ranking the fastest application development (49%) and the best check application (48%) as the top two reasons for migration.

Sustainability in pole position

IT teams do more than just to plan sustainability initiatives, but actively implement them starting with IT modernization. 95% of Italian companies (88% globally) say that sustainability is a priority. While 76% (77% globally) say their investment in sustainability projects and technologies will increase in 2024. In line with global findings, the modernization IT infrastructure and waste reduction programs are the top two sustainability initiatives that Italian interviewees focus on. However, unlike the global average, Italy ranked “improving compliance with environmental regulations” as its third priority.

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Modernization? For Italians only in third place

Infrastructure modernization is increasingly essential, driven by artificial intelligence, modern applications and data growth. Global respondents cited increasing investment in support of their AI strategy as their #1 priority. However, in Italy this need is not included in the first three top priorities. Still on the topic of AI, 43% of respondents in Italy (37% globally) indicate that running AI applications on their current IT infrastructure will represent a challenge”significant“.

At what stage is the adoption of the cloud, also in Italy

To mitigate and overcome this challenge, companies are prioritizing IT modernization and deploying edge infrastructure. Solutions that allow you to accelerate data processing and access. This, in turn, can contribute to improve the ability to relate data from multiple environments to provide better visibility into where data resides within their ecosystems.

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