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Which cell phone can be projected on the wall: how to do it

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Which cell phone can be projected on the wall: how to do it

Mobile phones have evolved from simple devices for calls and messages to true multifunctional tools. One of the most surprising advancements is the ability to project the screen onto a wall, taking the mobile experience to a whole new level. Cell phones can be used to project screen content onto a wall or television, providing a larger viewing experience and the ability to share content with others.

To connect a cell phone to a projector, users can use an HDMI or USB cable, or utilize Bluetooth if the projector is equipped with this feature. Additionally, there are phones with integrated projectors that offer a unique way to share content on a bigger screen. Some models include the LG V60 ThinQ, Sony Xperia Pro-I, Motorola Moto G Pro, and Blackview Max 1.

While these phones allow users to view movies, presentations, and play video games on a larger screen, it’s important to note that integrated projectors do not possess the power or quality of traditional projectors. For those looking to turn their cell phone into a projector, the most popular application is Flashlight Video Projector, which uses the flashlight to project the screen. However, this method is not secure and may pose risks to users and their devices.

Alternatively, users can use applications to connect their cell phones and cast the screen onto smart televisions or projectors using wifi or Bluetooth. Some examples of mirroring apps include Mirroring360, Miracast, LetsView, TeamViewer, AirBeam TV, Smart Mirror, and Screen Beam. Some phones also have built-in screen mirroring functionality, eliminating the need for additional apps.

Overall, while the technology for projecting a cell phone screen onto a wall continues to advance, it’s important for users to consider the security and quality of the methods they choose to utilize.

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