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Why do dogs chase cars? An expert tells us

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Why do dogs chase cars?  An expert tells us

Do you also have (or often see) a dog that runs without any inhibitory brakes behind cars? Anxiety and worry are very normal, but let’s try to understand why our beloved 4-legged friends do this and what we can do to prevent it.

Chasing is an instinctive behavior for dogs“, afferma Samantha Mountain a Mental Flossa professional dog trainer at Monkey Business Dog Training in Montreal, Canada.

Apparently, after seeing why the dog’s gaze wins us over every time, race also plays a fundamental role. In fact, terriers and border collies have a greater hunting instinct.

A dog that chases something has what is called a ‘predatory instinct’. Movement, in particular anything that passes in front of a dog at high speedwill trigger the predatory instinct“, says Mountain. This is why it is essential to nip that behavior in the bud. But how can we do it?

There are some training methods that are helpful in curbing this dangerous behavior. Before starting anything, it is worth remembering the importance of physical exercise, since “a dog that is not meeting its daily exercise needs may have extra energy to burnthen he could chase him“, afferma Mountain.

Once this has been established, we can literally train our furry friend in the home garden or in streets with little traffic. In fact, you can slowly expose the animal to moving objectssuch as people or cars.

Naturally, it is essential to keep the dog on a leash during walks, using positive reinforcements such as treats and caresses every time the dog remains calm. In fact, as much as you may think that punishment is useful, in reality is able to suppress the behavior for a whilebut it does not permanently extinguish the behavior.

As an alternative, after deciding not to give raw meat to your dog, you could use an auditory signal to get his attention. In fact, you have to use it as soon as our faithful friend is exposed to a trigger. By doing so, it should theoretically shift attention to the owner and not to the stimulus!

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