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Why do towels become completely stiff and hard?

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Why do towels become completely stiff and hard?

Why does a towel hanging outdoors come into the house stiffly? A research team from Hokkaido University and Kao Corporation in Japan thinks they have found an answer. Let’s discover the study published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

After seeing how unhygienic electric hand dryers are, before discovering the fascinating study, it is good to remember how cotton, like many other fabrics, is obtained from the soft shell of the seeds of a small shrub. Plants contain a lot of cellulose, an organic compound that helps keep plant cell walls rigid. Cellulose is great at absorbing water.

In particular, the Water molecules stick to cellulose and they “climb” onto it through a process called capillarity.

Furthermore, since water is a polar moleculethat is, one side contains a more positive charge and the other end a more negative charge, it is easily hit by electric charge.

Attempting to simplify complex chemical concepts, the research team found that individual fibers on an air-dried fabric such as a cotton towel actually contain so-called bound “water”. which causes the fibers to stick together due to electrical charges. It is a condition in which different molecules occupy well-defined positions within the crystal lattice.

This peculiar condition in which water itself finds itself manifests a unique state of hydrogen bonds different from that of ‘free’ water ” Ken-ichiro Murata of Hokkaido University said in a press release.

Surely, this time it’s not about talking to plants; however, now you are too aware of an ancient mystery which in all likelihood has afflicted entire generations.

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