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Why is Nintendo suddenly talking about Super Mario Odyssey?

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Why is Nintendo suddenly talking about Super Mario Odyssey?

A lot of us are pretty surprised when we open our emails and notice there’s an email from Nintendo. While this isn’t entirely uncommon, it’s usually about new games and various campaigns. On the other hand, it’s about a game released in 2017 – Super Mario Odyssey.

In the subject line, Nintendo wrote“Super Mario Odyssey – remember the last time you played it?”while adding“Maybe it’s worth jumping on the Odyssey again and re-traveling”.It might just be withsuper mario bros movieIt premiered in April and Nintendo wanted some synergy and a reminder that there’s actually only one exclusive 3D Super Mario Adventure available for the Switch.

That being said, it’s also possible that Nintendo has some plans, either for DLC for the game (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has DLC, remember?) or even brand new adventures. While it might be more reasonable to believe that Nintendo would save a new Mario adventure for their next console, we still wonder why you think Nintendo has suddenly decided it’s time to talk about a game that’s celebrating its 6th anniversary this year?

Oh, and please tell us what you think of Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo suddenly asked us about our trip to Super Mario Odyssey… Suspicious!
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