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Windows 11 loses a practical feature

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Windows 11 loses a practical feature

Microsoft is drawing the line under its Android experiment. Anyone who uses Android apps natively on their Windows 11 computer must now be strong. At least Microsoft isn’t pulling the plug immediately – but the countdown is on.


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No more Android apps on Windows 11

With the “Windows Subsystem for Android,” Windows 11 users can easily install and use Android apps that were previously downloaded via the Amazon Appstore or sideloaded onto the system. But that is now over. As Microsoft announced in an official blog entry, they have decided to to shelve the Android project – with immediate effect.

Since then March 5, 2024 Users can no longer install the Amazon Appstore and beyond No more downloading and launching new Android apps. Users who have already installed some apps can continue to use them, but only for around a year. On March 5, 2025, Microsoft will pull the plug here too.

App developers can continue to provide updates for their applications via the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 until the deadline. However, new apps can no longer be added to the shop.

Windows Copilot seems to be the future of Microsoft’s operating system:

Microsoft presents Windows Copilot

Android off in Windows 11: Microsoft remains silent

It is not known why Microsoft decided to stop working with Amazon and the Android project. However, the assumption is that simply too few users actually actively use the service. They would probably prefer to put the resources into expanding the AI ​​offensive. The Windows Copilot seems to be particularly important to Microsoft at the moment.

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There are also practical alternatives for interested users such as Android emulators, which allow you to continue using Android apps on Windows – just no longer natively.

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