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Windows 11 tests placing ads in Start to promote Microsoft Store App

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Windows 11 tests placing ads in Start to promote Microsoft Store App

Microsoft Tests Adding Ads to Windows 11 “Start” Menu in Beta Version

In a move that is not surprising for Microsoft, the tech giant has started testing the addition of built-in ads to its products once again. This time, it is in the Windows Insiders beta version, where Microsoft is trying to add ads to the “Start” menu to gather user feedback.

According to a blog post by Microsoft, some Microsoft Store App advertisements will now appear in the “Recommended” section of the “Start” menu in the US beta version of Windows 11. The “Recommended” section is meant to display files and programs that users may find useful. However, with the addition of ads, these apps are now being promoted to encourage users to download them.

During the testing phase, this advertising feature will not impact business PCs, which are computers managed by a business or organization. Users will also have the option to disable the ads in the settings, although they are enabled by default. Microsoft has made it clear that they are open to feedback on this feature, suggesting that if there is not significant opposition from users, it may become a part of a future official release.

This is not the first time Microsoft has attempted to incorporate ads into its products. In the past, the company tried to add ads to Windows 11’s File Explorer but ultimately abandoned the idea. The question now remains whether Microsoft will go ahead with adding ads to the “Start” menu this time around.

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It will be interesting to see how users respond to this latest advertising initiative from Microsoft as the company continues to explore new ways to monetize its products.

Source: Microsoft

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