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Windows 98 Resurrection Plan (6): DOSBox Pure Keyboard Simulation, CD-ROM Changing Operation Instructions | T Kebang

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Windows 98 Resurrection Plan (6): DOSBox Pure Keyboard Simulation, CD-ROM Changing Operation Instructions | T Kebang

We have completed the installation and execution of the game in the previous article, and then continue to look at how to set up the operation and learn how to execute multi-disc games.

Simulate keyboard and mouse operation through the handle

We have already explained the setting method of simulating keyboard commands through the handle in the paragraph introducing DOS games, readers can go back and review the operation process first. As for the Windows operating system, in addition to the keyboard, you need to use the mouse to operate, so here I will add two other operation settings, and organize the respective characteristics as follows, and explain the setting method through the graphic flow.

Description of operation setting features

RetroArch keymap: Specify the keyboard commands corresponding to the handle buttons in the RetroArch shortcut menu (please refer to the previous article), so that multiple handles can correspond to different commands. It is suitable for multiplayer games such as children fighting together.
DOSBox Pure Virtual Keyboard: Use the shortcut key to call out the virtual keyboard and directly input keyboard commands.
DOSBox Pure key mapping: The additional function of the virtual keyboard can also simulate mouse commands, but all handles will correspond to the same commands and cannot be set separately. Recommended for use with simulated mouse functionality only, or for single player play.

Then set the keyboard commands corresponding to each button according to the needs of the game, and select Save as Game Controller” to save. For details, please refer to the previous article.” width=”720″ height=”568″ src=”https://cdn1.techbang.com/system/images/663641/original/44810ee6f2e8432aae13313f7bfab0a4.jpg?1674094278″ class=”lazy”/>

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If the player sets the DOSBox Pure key mapping, all the options for the device type of the RetroArch key mapping will display

In the game, you can also call the virtual keyboard through the shortcut key (the default key is L3), and directly enter keyboard commands.

If you want to simulate a mouse, it is recommended to use the key mapping function of DOSBox Pure. First call out the virtual keyboard and select

Next, set the functions of each button according to the needs. For example, the right analog stick can be set to move the mouse cursor, and R3 can be set to the left mouse button. After the setting is complete, select

▲Practical operation demonstration of various button settings.

Use the m3u playlist for multiple discs

For games with multiple discs, it is recommended that players create an m3u playlist and change discs through the disc control function in the RetroArch shortcut menu.

The m3u playlist is basically a plain text file. Players can first create a new “new text file.txt”, then fill in the relative path of the disc image file, and finally change the file name and extension to “.m3u” is enough. For details, please refer to the process below.

Let's take the 4-disc game

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Then create a new

Finally, change the file name and extension of the plain text file to

If you want to save storage space, you can also compress

Next, find and open

Then you can enter the simulated Windows environment, install and execute the game in the usual way. Please remember to install the game to the D slot during the operation.

When you need to replace the disc during the game, first select Eject Disc Image File” from the shortcut menu.” width=”720″ height=”405″ src=”https://cdn0.techbang.com/system/images/663652/original/4505a3f19c54dfe0ba7e9661b03f8fb1.jpg?1674094299″ class=”lazy”/>

Then click

At this time, the candidate list will display the discs in the playlist, and the player can select the disc that needs to be replaced.

After selecting the disc to be replaced, return to the upper menu, and select

▲Practical demonstration of changing discs.

For players who are new to DOSBox Pure, the most likely problems they will encounter are the button settings and changing discs mentioned in this article. If you have any other questions, please leave a message below for discussion.

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If there is no problem, we will continue to introduce the instant archive and rewind functions of DOSBox Pure.

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