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Windtre launches the WiFi calling service

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Windtre launches the WiFi calling service

Comes from WindTre free functionality for calls over the WiFi network. Called WiFi Calling, this technology allows you to make and receive voice calls even in the absence of a mobile signal, all through a WindTre WiFi network. And it is a small record because the company is the first in Italy to experiment with this technology and to obtain authorization from the authorities to start up.

Maroni, the minister of free wifi

by Riccardo Luna

“The new function – explain the technicians – allows, in the presence of a WindTre WiFi connection, to call with your smartphone even from places such as buildings with thick walls, sheds, basements or in other situations in which the reception of mobile networks could encounter obstacles It also allows for an uninterrupted user experience of the phone call when switching from the cellular network to the WiFi network and vice versa”.

Tech Test

Google Nest Wifi Pro, the proof: the easy way to the mesh network

by Emanuele Capone

Not all mobile phones can support this service, but it must be said that WiFi Calling is already available free of charge for WindTre private and business customers with a compatible smartphone, currently the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Xiaomi 12 Pro range. It will gradually be extended to new device models and to an increasing number of customers over the next few months. The WiFi calling function has no additional costs compared to the conditions of its offer, can be used throughout the national territory and does not require the installation of any application or manual configuration of the mobile device.

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Compared to similar services for conveying calls over the Internet, WiFi Calling provides greater functional characteristics, including the possibility of making emergency calls in the absence of mobile radio coverage, as well as a better and more fluid experience for the user, for example in times of making the call.

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