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WinRAR and the effect of the viral meme on Windows 11: users buy the license

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WinRAR and the effect of the viral meme on Windows 11: users buy the license

It hasn’t been long since Microsoft announced the arrival of native support for RAR files on Windows 11, which will soon be part of the “package” offered directly by the operating system. In this context, not a few have been thinking about what happens to WinRARa well-known third-party program related to this context.

Well, as also reported by Neowin, the creators of the popular solution have officially commented on the situation by publishing a tweet gone viral. To be clear, the latter, which was published on 30 May 2023, has already reached over 2 million views their Twitter.

What is the content? Il noto meme “This is fine” (which could be translated as “It’s okay”), which sees a dog from the webcomic Gunshow slowly engulfed in flames while trying to keep calm. In short, there seems to be some concern at WinRAR.

Louise Cusworth of the WinRAR sales team took care of it to further comment on the situation to Neowin’s microphones, first of all stating that the company felt “honored by Microsoft’s decision“. However, Cusworth did not hide the rest: “We are worried? Of course we arebecause we are a small company and Microsoft is a large multi-billion dollar international company with a lot of powerHowever, this evolution of things, according to Cusworth, could bring both challenges and potential advantages for WinRAR.

In that regard, it seems that the native support that will be introduced in Windows 11 may focus only on opening RAR files, thus leaving the compression features to third-party programs such as WinRAR. However, it is clear that something is moving in this direction and it is therefore not surprising that there are not a few who wonder what the future of the program will be, which has supported myriads of users for many years.

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For the rest, taking a look these days at the WinRAR Twitter profilereports of people who are starting to pay for the program now (ending the free trial phase, which has now become a meme in its own right). Someone says: “Do you know what? I’m doing. I have been using WinRAR for at least 14 years. It’s time to start paying for my usage“. In short, the Web as usual is responding in its own way.

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