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With the iPhone 15, queues at Apple Stores are back

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With the iPhone 15, queues at Apple Stores are back

It hasn’t happened in a while, between declining interest, the pandemic and the economic crisis, yet with the iPhone 15 the queues at the Apple Stores seem to have returned. On September 27, the day of its debut in stores, Apple stores were busier than usual, as was the case over the weekend. In several cases, dozens of people waited in line to enter. In Milan, potential buyers and simply curious people queued up from 7am and there were even those who spent the night in Piazza Liberty to be the first to enter the Apple Store.

The proof: how the new Apple iPhone 15s are made and how they perform

The queue, as a sales assistant said, started in the morning, around 7am and “there is someone, even if few, who have spent the night here”, like a girl who brought a folding chair from camping from home to be more comfortable. The shop opened the doors at 8 and little by little people came in to see up close and perhaps buy the new products. “I arrived here at 8 – explained Massimiliano – because it’s always a It’s a thrill to be among the first to have these technological innovations.” In reality the choice is wider, because again there are also two Apple Watches (Series 9 and Ultra2) and a version of the AirPods Pro with a case equipped with a USB-C port. And all the new products, more unique than rare, cost less than the previous ones.

Meanwhile, there are some difficulties in the configuration for those who, as often happens, have tried to transfer data from an old iPhone to one of the new iPhone 15s that have just been released. “When you choose “From another iPhone” during setup to transfer apps and data from your previous iPhone to a new iPhone with iOS 17, the device may get stuck on the Apple logo,” we read on the company’s website. For this reason, an operating system update (17.0.2) is available which should resolve the issue. The iPhone should ask for the update during the setup process at the beginning, before transferring data, but this doesn’t always happen. In our case, out of four specimens tested, we did not have any difficulties, but it seems that several people around the world have reported the problem.

If the iPhone does not ask to update the operating system first and remains blocked during data migration, there are two fairly simple solutions:

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Connect your iPhone via a cable to a Mac or PC and update to iOS 17.0.2. Set up your phone as new and update settings via Wi-Fi. Then reset your phone and set it up again by transferring data from device to device.

The two procedures are described in detail on the Apple website: you can find them here.

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