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WLAN problems on the Samsung cell phone: This trick helps

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WLAN problems on the Samsung cell phone: This trick helps

Problems with the WiFi connection or mobile data are annoying. But that doesn’t have to be the case: there’s a simple trick that can help – at least for owners of a Samsung smartphone. In the video above we explain step by step how to do it.

Connection problems can be really annoying. Because without the Internet, even the best smartphone is nothing more than an expensive paperweight. Anyone who is close to despair because their cell phone no longer wants to connect to the network should not throw in the towel too quickly. Because at least Samsung smartphones offer one effective help that is very easy to use.

Reset network settings on Samsung smartphone

The network settings can be easily reset on Samsung smartphones (Image source: GIGA)

However, Samsung has hidden the setting somewhat; users have to take several steps:

Open Settings and tap on “General Management”. Then go to “Reset”. Then click on “Reset Network Settings”. Press “Reset Settings”.

The name says it all here, because with it All network settings of the Samsung smartphone will be reset. This includes, for example, saved WiFi networks including passwords, information about paired devices via Bluetooth or the synchronization of background data.

In quite a few cases This is the reason for the connection problemswhich is why resetting these settings often helps.

Important to know: Only the network settings are reset. So you don’t have to worry about your photos or other data. However, after resetting, you will have to reconnect to your WLAN or pair Bluetooth devices, for example.

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Protect the battery on Samsung smartphones

Samsung smartphones are known for their variety of functions. However, many features are buried in the settings and are often unknown to users. Modern Samsung smartphones and tablets, for example, also offer a battery protection option.

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