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Wolfgang Skischally: Building biology and geopathy

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Wolfgang Skischally: Building biology and geopathy

According to Wolfgang Skischally, a healthy and sustainable living and working environment is very important

Sanofit, Wolfgang Skischally

Building biology, explains Wolfgang Skischally, aims to design buildings that have a positive impact on people’s health and well-being. A holistic approach is used. It includes both the external environment and the indoor climate, the building materials, the electromagnetic fields and other factors. The main focus is on minimizing stress and creating a healthy living and working atmosphere.


The planning phase of a building lays the foundation for its functionality, aesthetics and the well-being of its future users or residents. In this context, the consideration of geopathic disorders is becoming increasingly important. By detecting and minimizing these disturbances early on, healthy and harmonious living and working environments are created, which SanoFit electrosmog studies have repeatedly confirmed.

Geopathy is concerned with the energetic characteristics of the earth and the effects of natural geological formations on humans. These include, for example, water veins, fault zones, earth radiation and electromagnetic fields. There are various strategies to take geopathic disturbances into account in the planning phase of buildings:

-Selecting the right location: It is important to avoid potentially contaminated areas such as water veins or fault zones. A thorough examination of the subsoil helps to identify potential geopathic disturbances at an early stage.

-The room layout of a building should be done with geopathic disturbances in mind. For example, sleeping areas should be kept away from water veins and other polluted areas.

-Room functionality should also be taken into account when planning. It is advisable to keep rest and relaxation areas away from geopathic disturbances. On the other hand, work areas where concentration and productivity are required can be strategically placed to take advantage of the positive influence of the location.

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When planning and constructing buildings, the selection of the right building materials plays a crucial role for SanoFit. Certain building materials and building materials can help minimize the effects of geopathic influences and thus create a healthy indoor climate.

The following building materials and building materials can protect against geopathic influences:

-Special paints enriched with shielding materials can help reduce electromagnetic radiation. These colors contain, for example, metal particles or special fibers that can absorb or reflect electromagnetic fields.

-There are coatings and paints that can serve as protection against geopathic influences. These coatings contain materials such as graphite or carbon that can dissipate and shield electromagnetic radiation.

-Natural building materials such as wood, clay or lime often have good absorption and dissipation properties and can therefore contribute to the harmonization of the energy flow.

-The use of grounding systems can dissipate electromagnetic radiation. These systems use metallic compounds that can dissipate electromagnetic energy into the ground and thus reduce indoor pollution.


The consideration of geopathic disorders in building biology is an emerging field that is becoming increasingly important. Future trends and developments can help improve the planning and design of buildings and create healthier living and working environments. Below, SanoFit presents areas in which developments are foreseeable:

-The development of more advanced and precise measurement techniques enables more accurate detection of geopathic disorders. This includes the further development of measuring devices for detecting electromagnetic fields, radiation and geological influences. By using such technologies, geopathic disturbances can be identified and measured more precisely.

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-The integration of building biology and smart home technology opens up new opportunities for creating healthy living and working environments. By linking sensors, automated systems and intelligent control units, geopathic disturbances can be detected and appropriate measures taken to minimize them.

-The development and refinement of guidelines and standards in the field of building biology and geopathy is also expected to progress. By establishing clear guidelines and standards, architects, builders and professionals can integrate geopathic disturbances into their projects, ensuring a higher level of health and well-being for residents.

The outlook for the future development of geopathy and building biology is promising. Ongoing research, technological advances and increased awareness of healthy living and working environments will help to further improve the consideration of geopathic disorders in building planning and design. Wolfgang Skischally assumes that this will create buildings that promote people’s well-being and health and have a positive influence on their quality of life.

Based in picturesque Widnau in Switzerland, Sanofit GmbH is a leading company in the field of health and radiation protection. Since its founding, Sanofit GmbH has made it its mission to raise awareness of invisible radiation exposure and to provide solutions. The expertise extends to the identification of field and radiation exposures both outdoors and indoors.

Sanofit is not just a company, but also a movement and is regularly present at trade fair events and lectures to share its knowledge

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