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WoodenValley for research and education in circular building

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WoodenValley for research and education in circular building

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Circular construction – is it even possible? According to WoodenValley, definitely. They are committed to sustainable construction through research and projects.

Construction sector with a difference: circular economy and climate-positive design

The construction industry is known for enormous CO2 emissions and high levels of waste when it comes to climate-related issues. The non-profit company WoodenValley wants to show that there is another way.

The company was founded in 2021 by Kamila Pasko and Robert Baker. The gGmbH has no exit-driven investors; profits are merely a means to an end. The company’s focus is on empowering people so that they can view and shape their world in a climate-positive way.

“WoodenValley is primarily committed to research and education in the areas of circular economy and sustainable building,” summarizes Pasko.

Their information and educational offerings would also be gladly used at the local level.

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wood.ii shows circular construction on a small scale

One of their offerings is a project called “wood.ii,” a tiny house on wheels.

“With the project we want to prove quickly and in a low-threshold way that circular building can be regenerative building and that it is possible for a broad mass of people to understand the principles,” says Pasko.

Wood.ii illustrates circular construction of large houses on a small scale. For this purpose, the model is digitally planned and built according to Building and Information Modeling – Bimm for short. Bimm provides an overview of what, how and where is installed. This simplifies repairs and enables dismantling.

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Greentech LIVE Conference: Speakers Kamila Pasko and Robver Böker from WoodenValley: Tiny house “wood.ii” on wheels is intended to be a climate solution and educational provider. Photo: Gabriel Wilde, Greentech.LIVE

TinyHouse wood.ii as a space for education and sustainability strategies

“The data generated in the design and construction phase can be used on the physical characteristics between all actors – such as architects, building contractors and material suppliers. In addition, compliance with building regulations or certification systems can be demonstrated,” Pasko further outlines wood.ii.

A DIY guide should also enable wood.ii to be recreated and used for sustainable development. Otherwise, wood.ii would let you rent it as soon as the TinyHouse is finished.

“Wood.ii is simply a sustainable, healthy space for education, training and internal sustainability strategies and is offered as a product-as-a-service.”

Greentech LIVE Conference Kamila Pasko WoodenValley: ClimateSolutions aud Holz. Foto: Gabriel Wilde, Greentech.LIVE

PV system, green wall and water treatment for environmental regeneration

What makes wood.ii so sustainable are Cradle 2 Cradle (C2C) criteria. The natural cycles of nature would be included in every project phase.

Additionally, Pasko explains: “In the end, the house contributes to the regeneration of our environment with aspects such as a PV system, water treatment or a green wall.”

GEFION research project looks at digital emissions certificates

In addition to wood.ii, the “GEFION” project is WoodenValley’s largest current project. This is a research project that addresses the question of whether a generation of digital emission certificates for climate-positive timber system buildings is possible.

“We combine education, research and practice by focusing on future skills in the development of data analytics,” explains Robert Baker.

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For the project, the city of Böblingen provided land on which a prototype building will be built. This is scheduled to open in spring 2024.

WoodenValley relies on information offerings in many areas

WoodenValley is currently still looking for fundraising support. However, Pasko certainly sees interest in the information offerings that they provide for all areas of schools, architectural offices and others.

She says specifically about the school environment: “For us, education in the non-formal sector has always been more effective and more tangible than the normal school education system. Many teachers are longing for such offers.”

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