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Xbox games also on PlayStation and Switch: Microsoft’s decision seems incredible but it makes sense

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Xbox games also on PlayStation and Switch: Microsoft’s decision seems incredible but it makes sense

Four exclusive games for Xbox convertiti su PlayStation e Switchthe announcement of a new console, the arrival of Diablo IV sul Game Pass and updates on its subscription video game service: this, in a nutshell, is the gist of the latest episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, which aired (also on YouTube) between 9pm and 9.30pm on Thursday sera.

We don’t know what the games are (but there is some suspicion), we don’t know if the new console will be home or portableit is not known which other Activision Blizzard titles will arrive on Game Pass, but we know that this is an epochal change for Microsoft, because an opening of this kind towards Sony and Nintendo consoles hadn’t been seen for decades. Or maybe she had never met.

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The announcement: Diablo IV arrives on Game Pass

Let’s start with the games: we don’t officially know what they are, but there are quite a few rumors about what they might be. In its communication, Microsoft explained that “these are securities available to Xbox players for at least a year”, which “include hidden gems that deserve to be enjoyed by a wider audience” and subscription games “whose communities will benefit from being opened to even more players”.

This phrase above all means two things: put your hands forward and reassures those who have chosen Xbox as a game console, somehow implying that only titles that Xbox gamers were able to have first and for a long time will be shared with others (Sony and Nintendo), and also gives some clues about what these first 4 games could be. According to rumors, it would be Hi-Fi Rush e Repentance (the “hidden gems”) and of Sea of Thieves e Grounded (subscription games). These are not giants like StarfieldIn short (our test).

Sticking to the headlines, Microsoft has announced the arrival of Diablo IV starting March 28 on Game Passmade it known that there would be 34 million subscribers to the service and also reiterated that “Game Pass will continue to be only available on Xbox platforms”, i.e. it will not arrive on other consolesagain reassuring those who bought theirs.

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Why are Xbox games coming to PlayStation?

Console that could be soon flanked (or replaced?) by another: Sarah Bond, president of Xbox, anticipated that Microsoft will make “the biggest technical leap” seen so far in the world of gaming with the next generation of Xbox. Which means everything and nothing: is it a clue to what will be the Redmond company’s next home console (which we are unlikely to see before the end of 2025 or 2026)? Or is it an opening towards portable consoles, in the wake of Steam Deck di Valve (here is the test of the Oled version) which is having notable success and has also opened up a previously non-existent market?

They’re not there yet answers to these questions, what we know or can imagine is the strategy behind these choices. Microsoft is doing what it is doing mainly for two reasons: first of all, after having managed to convince the competition authorities of Europe and the United States of correctness of its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, where you can demonstrate a certain degree of openness towards rivals. And making those that were exclusive games available on other consoles goes exactly in this direction.

The other reason is that, like other companies in the tech world, Microsoft is increasingly seeking more sell software and services, rather than hardware: having lost (or almost) the challenge with PlayStation 5 and Switch, the Redmond company is trying to win the challenge of games, apps and subscriptions. Again: opening the market for its video games to other gamers, previously ignored, is a way to bring the Xbox name and logo to places where it has never been seen before. It’s a way to get people talking about Xbox in communities that haven’t talked about Xbox until now and it also provides (should provide) a hitherto unexplored flow of money.

And who knows what some PS5 owners don’t fall in love with Repentance o Sea of Thieves, decide to see what else there is in the Xbox universe and maybe subscribe to Game Pass. So much for the furious console war of the early 2000s.

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