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[XF 教學] Set up QNAP NAS from scratch (4) PC/MAC to quickly access files on the NAS

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[XF 教學] Set up QNAP NAS from scratch (4) PC/MAC to quickly access files on the NAS

Accessing Files in NAS Made Easier

For those who use NAS, accessing files can sometimes be a hassle. However, there are simpler methods available to make this process more convenient. One way is to access files through the QTS web interface, while another method involves configuring frequently used data as a network disk. These techniques can save time and make accessing files in NAS a much smoother experience.

Access files through the QTS web interface

By logging into the QTS web interface, users can easily access and manage files stored in their NAS. The interface allows users to navigate through different folders and perform various operations such as uploading, downloading, and sharing files. This method is great for basic file management tasks and can be accessed through a browser with the IP address of the NAS.

Configure frequently used data as a network disk

For those who frequently access specific folders in their NAS, setting them up as a network disk can streamline the process. This involves adding a disk code to the folder, similar to the C: and D: drives on a computer. By doing this, users can directly access the specified folder with a simple click, making it as convenient as accessing a regular hard disk.


Windows users can use Qfinder Pro to set up a network drive for frequently accessed folders. This allows for easy access and operation of files in the NAS, similar to using a normal hard disk.


Mac users can also benefit from setting up network drives through Qfinder Pro. By following a few simple steps, users can quickly access and manage files in their NAS without the hassle of navigating through a browser interface.

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With these methods, accessing files in NAS becomes much more efficient and user-friendly. By utilizing the QTS web interface and setting up network disks for frequently used folders, users can save time and effort when managing files in their NAS. Try out these techniques to simplify your file management tasks and make the most of your NAS storage.

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