Xiaomi and Samsung have launched their new mid-range smartphones at similar times, which are in direct competition. Now the cameras have been compared and Xiaomi was able to beat Samsung. Nevertheless, the victory for the Chinese group is important.


Mid-range smartphones are getting better and better every year, but also significantly more expensive. Xiaomi and Samsung charge around 500 euros for their current top mid-range models. For the price you would expect a good performance. After all, you could also use a Galaxy S21 FE (test), which is better in terms of performance and camera and costs less (check out MediaMarkt).

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro+ beats Samsung Galaxy A54

When it comes to just the cameras in the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ and Galaxy A54, Xiaomi did a better job compared to Samsung according to DxOMark. The Chinese smartphone with the The 200 MP main camera scores a total of 113 pointswhile that Galaxy A54 from Samsung “only” achieved 107 points. In the individual disciplines, Xiaomi beat Samsung in almost every point. The Samsung phone was only slightly better when it came to the zoom.

Neither smartphone has really covered itself in glory. The Xiaomi phone only came in 74th place out of all the devices tested, and the Galaxy A54 only made it to 85th place. A Pixel 7which costs a similar amount (look at MediaMarkt), makes it to 11th place with 140 points and has a much better image quality. So if the camera is what matters most to you, there are better options.

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In the video we introduce you to the Pixel 7 from Google:

Xiaomi and Samsung offer different advantages

While the cameras of the two smartphones only perform mediocre, the models can score in different disciplines. For example, Xiaomi installs a 5,000 mAh battery that can be recharged with up to 120 watts. Samsung, on the other hand, scores with waterproof properties and a very long update policy of five years. So both smartphones are not bad. At 500 euros, it’s not exactly cheap either. Nevertheless, this victory should taste particularly good to Xiaomi.