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Xiaomi televisions in the Aldi offer: QLED TV with a 37% discount!

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Xiaomi televisions in the Aldi offer: QLED TV with a 37% discount!

The QLED Smart TV Q1E from Xiaomi is currently on offer at Aldi. PR/Business Insider

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A new TV can be expensive. This is particularly true for large premium models such as the LG OLED83C37LA, which costs more than 4000.00 euros. Of course, there are also much cheaper televisions – for example this QLED Android Smart TV Q1E from Xiaomi, which is currently on offer at Aldi* …

Offer at Aldi: Buy Xiaomi televisions 37 percent cheaper

Its recommended retail price (RRP) is 799.00 eurosbut it is currently within the scope of the offer available for only 499.00 euros. The discount: 300.00 euros or 37 percent. Is it worth it?

Price comparison: Is the deal worth it?

We have that on the price comparison platform Idealo* Aldi offer for the Xiaomi QLED Android Smart TV Q1E compared with the offers of other providers. And indeed: Aldi has the best deal on TVs. So you still pay the competition at least 589.00 euros for that. There are even shops that still up to 789.99 euros charge for the television. Out of From a purely financial perspective, Aldi’s deal is worth it.

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This is what the Xiaomi television from Aldi offers

But is the television also a worthwhile investment from a technical perspective? We think: yes! The Xiaomi QLED Android Smart TV Q1E is clearly a mid-range model. This means that of course it cannot compete with models like the LG OLED83C37LA mentioned at the beginning, but it does offer some upgrades that you cannot expect from cheaper models. Our assessment: For users who are not too demanding or as a second model It should be in the bedroom, home office or children’s room more than enough. It offers the following specs:

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Screen diagonal: 55 inches

resolution: 3840 x 2160 Pixel (4K UHD)

Refresh rate: 60 Hertz

Screen technology: QLED

Smart features: WiFi, Bluetooth, TV apps for streaming services

operating system: Android

connections: three HDMI, two USB 2.0, Ethernet and CI slot

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