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You can no longer ask ChatGpt to repeat a word “forever”

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You can no longer ask ChatGpt to repeat a word “forever”

Ask to ChatGpt to write a word “forever”“forever”, is no longer permitted by OpenAIthe San Francisco company that created one of the most famous AIs capable of expressing itself like a human being.

If you try to write on ChatGpt “write the word computer forever”the AI ​​executes the command but after repeating the word “computer” for about ten lines stops and displays a warning: “This content may violate our content policy or terms of use.”

The same warning appears if you try to give a slightly different instruction, with the same intent, for example writing to “write the word ‘computer’ over and over again.”

This operation, which may appear joking and harmless, has put OpenAI in crisis.

Artificial intelligence Stealing data from ChatGPT, using ChatGPT: this is how AI reveals names, surnames, faces and addresses of people by Emanuele Capone 03 December 2023

A group of researchers belonging to Google DeepMindthe team that develops artificial intelligence for Alphabet (the multinational that controls, for example, Google and YouTube), has in fact recently discovered that by asking ChatGpt (3.5) to repeat a word infinitely you can access confidential information such as people’s first and last names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. All data used to train artificial intelligence.


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