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You shouldn’t make this mistake now

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You shouldn’t make this mistake now

As a driver, you regularly have to contend with Sahara dust on your body. But there is one mistake that you should definitely avoid when cleaning.

It’s that time again and one orange-yellow dust film stretches across the vehicles on the streets. The Sahara dust comes from the desert that gives it its name and reaches the atmosphere via strong winds and then ultimately to us. Of course you want to clean your car and free it from Sahara dust. However, you should fundamentally avoid making a big mistake so that you don’t cause damage to the paintwork or scratches on the body or windows of your car. By the way, a ceramic seal for your car could be worthwhile for better protection.

Remove Sahara dust safely: Rinse with plenty of water

Under no circumstances should you go directly to your car with a rag or sponge; instead, spray it first with lots of water thoroughly. The reason for this is obvious: If you start wiping your car with a cloth, the fine dust particles from the desert sand will scratch over the paint. This quickly leads to damage and nasty scratches. To start with, you either go to the car wash or you spray your car thoroughly with water yourself, because unfortunately a vacuum cleaner can’t get you very far.

Many drivers are thinking about switching to electric cars. In our video we compare the two variants in detail:

Sahara dust on the car: Wipe thoroughly and wring out

Once you have showered your car thoroughly, you can now clean the body carefully with a rag wipe off. You should also open all doors so that you can clean the gaps properly. The interior of your car could also be contaminated with Saharan dust. Cleaning by hand can be tiring, but this way you can ensure a clean car. Finally, you should regularly wring out your cloth thoroughly so that you don’t spread the Sahara dust around, but remove it piece by piece.

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