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Zendesk leverages AI to improve customer experience

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Zendesk leverages AI to improve customer experience

Is called Zendesk AI the artificial intelligence layer that Zendesk has applied to its own suite for make a personalized customer experience (CX) accessible to all companies, efficient and more empathetic.

Zendesk AI will help organizations improve service experiences, a save time, better understand customers and to create seamless interactions. The new offer combines decades of Zendesk-collected data and insights with new AI technologiesincluding the company’s proprietary models and the latest ones large language model (LLM).

Over 90% of our customers already use AI within Zendesk – he has declared Tom Eggemeier, CEO of Zendesk –. On this basis we are developing new solutions that every company can use immediately. AI brings significant benefits to agents, administrators and companies that want to offer the best customer experience. And Zendesk AI will help them immediately see tangible value in terms of savings in both costs and productivity. Over the past 18 months, using our AI solution, our clients’ agents have saved over 310,000 hours”.

A sample of over 18 billion iterations

Based on the largest CX-specific dataset (over 18 billion iterations assured Eggemeier) and categorized by sector, Zendesk AI continues learn from every customer interaction and allows companies to better assist them. By eliminating the work of manually assigning and routing requests, managers can reduce operational expenses by freeing up teams’ time for their activities. Furthermore, by automatically answering more customer questions (especially during peak periods), companies are in a better position to contain costs.

Among the new features announced we find i advanced, pre-trained messaging and email bots meant for automatically solve problems and take advantage of a large database of options so as to provide customers with more personalized responses, industry-specific, and accurate. Bots are complemented by AI-powered tips and insights to improve agent productivity, enabling them to solve customer problems quickly and to use AI-generated content to respond faster and with proper context. For his part, the triage intelligently Instead, it uses intent and language detection and sentiment analysis for create intelligent workflowswhich get smarter over time, classify incoming customer inquiries and enable teams to fuel workflows based on these insights.

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The partnership with OpenAI

Still on the subject of artificial intelligence, Zendesk recently announced a partnership with OpenAI and presented new features that harness the power of generative AI. Among these, we highlight the rephrase of answers and change of tonewhich help agents create clearer, more thoughtful responses to customers, saving time and effort.

While managing and scaling a successful CX team is complex, using AI should be simple – he has declared Cristina Fonseca, Head of AI at Zendesk –. With Zendesk AI, our proprietary models are specifically trained for CX and designed for Provide instant customer insights. These features are critical to improving customer service quality and agent efficiency, with the potential to be even more powerful when combined with LLMs“.

Trust and security are key to building responsible AI and safeguarding other critical CX functions. Zendesk is also launching Advanced Data Protection, designed to help businesses with more advanced security needs ad adapt to compliance regulations through additional features.

Personalize the service with Conversational Commerce

Zendesk, also presented Conversational Commercedesigned for connect brands with buyers throughout their digital customer experience journey, in order to provide direct assistance, marketing and sales within one conversation.

The new features of Conversational Commerce offer companies the ability to have the service customization so that agents can intervene on abandoned carts, support active cartsinform customers about the presence of products in the stores closest to them to complete purchases e share current promotions to create stellar personalized experiences.

Conversational Commerce’s goal is also to enable asales acceleration because it facilitates the identification of new earning opportunities thanks to the understanding of the complete purchase history, product preferences and browsing path of each buyerso as to offer new options through advice for cross-selling and upsellingincreasing the overall value of the order.

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Today, customer data is moving from being a privilege to being a right – he has declared Adrian McDermott, CTO at Zendesk –. Therefore, we have to change our mentality. But how? One of the ways is to use signals obtained from non-invasive data, like the feeling or like the intention. You can get a lot of information from user behavior that you can use it to innovate by building new ways of offering services”.

Create a richer, more dynamic and interactive customer experience

Businesses can also use artificial intelligence to automate conversions and recommendationswith support for more than 1,400 available and already active applications and integrations capable of unify SKU, inventory, and location data for continuous traceability of products, or to connect different systems for a 360° view of the customer.

In recent years we have seen major changes in the way people shop, but one thing has remained constant: people prefer communicate through messaging – claimed McDermott –. Now that digital is the new storefront, businesses will be able to use Conversational Commerce, built on our powerful messaging platform, to create a richer, more dynamic and interactive experience with their customerswhich will ultimately lead to a increased loyalty and revenue“.

Zendesk is finally strengthening partnerships with WhatsApp e Shopify to further improve companies’ CX strategies and be able to create a better buying experience for customers.

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