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Zero~Eclipse’s Mask~remastered version released|The picture quality has been improved and more new shirt photography modes are available for play

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Zero~Eclipse’s Mask~remastered version released|The picture quality has been improved and more new shirt photography modes are available for play

Zero ~ Lunar Eclipse’s Mask ~ The remastered version has improved image quality and more new shirts. There are more photography modes to play | The horror game series “Zero” developed by Koei Tecmo may not be considered a mainstream hit, but it is in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau There are still many loyal supporters; following the 2021 remake of “Zero ~The Priestess of the Crow~”, another fan favorite “Zero ~ Mask of the Eclipse~” will also be released in a remake.

What used to be a horror game is now a shirt-changing photo game

“Zero~Eclipse’s Mask~” is a Wii exclusive horror survival game launched in 2008, and it is the fourth work in the series. The story tells about a small island in Japan called “Obscurity Tsukishima”, where “Obscurity Moon Kagura” is held every ten years. At that time, five girls were “sacred” while performing Kagura. Although the five were rescued without incident, they lost all memories of the incident. Ten years later, two of the five girls died, and the remaining three, Misaki, Madoka and Liuge set foot on Ozuki Island in order to retrieve their lost memories and the truth of the incident.

In the game, players need to use the special camera “shooting machine” to fight off the wraiths, and at the same time look for clues all over the island to find out the truth of the Kagura incident and the memories they lost back then. Compared with the previous games in the series, the breakthrough point of the game is that it adopts the third-person viewpoint behind the character, and uses Wii Remote and Nunchuck to manipulate the flashlight and projector in the character’s hand, bringing (in terms of the year) a fresh and unique somatosensory operation experience.

The wraith can be damaged by capturing and photographing it with a shooting machine; in addition, the shooting machine is often used when solving puzzles and exploring.

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“Zero ~Eclipse Mask~” was obviously a horror game at first, but because the protagonists of “Eclipse Mask” Minadutsu Ryuka and Aso Misaki are too cute, and after the clothes changing function was introduced later, it gradually became a game. It has become a cosplay photography game of “changing various costumes for Liuge and Misaki, and taking pictures in various spiritual places such as hospitals, mansions, and lighthouses”; today, almost no one regards the “Zero” series as a horror game. Probably resentful spirits or ghosts are helpless in the face of human sexuality…

The image quality of the remake is greatly improved, and more beautiful shirts can be changed

The main improvement of the remake is of course the image quality. The resolution of the game has been improved to match the platform of the current generation, the models of the main characters have been remade, and the movies with characters appearing have also been remade. The light and shadow performance of the flashlight has also been improved to create a more realistic picture and give players a more immersive feeling. What is more important for players is probably the addition of a new mode “photographing mode”, which allows characters and spirits to pose in various poses and take pictures. In addition, new costumes have been added; some of the original costumes have also been reworked to better meet modern standards.

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The content of the physical special edition is luxurious

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Although the download version of the game has gradually become the mainstream, the physical version of the game still has an irreplaceable selling point, that is, it can have various physical bonuses. The official setting data set of the new novel “Omotsuki Island Reminiscences”, game soundtrack and file folder.

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Although there are many recent masterpieces, it is still an option

In February and March of 2023, a number of masterpieces will be launched one after another. The remake of “Zero” at this point in time feels somewhat “stuck”; however, the game has always been positioned as a unique (gentleman), and players who love the series probably I don’t care about other masterpieces, I must play first. “Zero ~Eclipse’s Mask~” will be launched on March 9, and the platforms are PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Steam and Switch; it is worth mentioning that the regular version of the Steam version is cheaper at only HK$308. Considering that Steam will have the opportunity to have various “gentlemen” mods to play in the future, the Steam version should be a good choice.

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