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Zscaler threat intelligence, prevent data loss

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Zscaler threat intelligence, prevent data loss

Zscaler enhances and extends Posture Control capabilities by hardening CNAPP with data loss protection (DLP) and threat intelligence from ThreatLabZ. The integration of DLP and threat prevention makes Zscaler Posture Control the only Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) solution that can provide an accurate view of cloud-related risks. And this by correlating the impact and the probability of risk thanks to the identification of sensitive data and security signals.

Objective: To prevent data loss and threat intelligence

Detailed insight into how incidents will occur, and resulting data exposure, gives DevOps and security teams the opportunity to know where to focus their limited resources. For example, an Internet-connected container with an unpatched critical vulnerability poses a risk significant because exploiting such vulnerabilities could allow criminals to gain access to a customer’s personally identifiable information.

A leaner implementation

According to research, 78% of companies use more than 50 cybersecurity products. Initially companies were forced to combine specific tools such as CSPM, ICES and vulnerability scanning. Or to rely on poorly integrated solutions that required the installation of agents and did not allow correlation and prioritization of results. More recent solutions have moved towards a leaner, agentless implementation and introduced correlation. However, the limited “focus” on misconfigurations and unpatched vulnerabilities represents only a small part of the total risk.

Less time and resources

Zscaler Posture Control, combined with its data protection and threat prevention capabilities, helps enterprises around the world more effectively correlate and prioritize risks across their cloud deployments. By reducing the time, effort and resources required for rebuild these risks.

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Integrated system to prevent data loss and threat intelligence

Zscaler Posture Control is a CNAPP solution that helps enterprises build, deploy and run secure cloud applications. Launched in 2022, it offers a unified approach to understanding, prioritizing, and remediating security risks in public cloud environments. With the integration of Zscaler DLP, security, IT and DevOps teams can understand if sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information, health data and payment card data, are exposed due to weaknesses in security settings of the cloud.

Accelerate problem solving

With these innovations, companies can now benefit more from the benefits of Zscaler Posture Control.

  • Identification, correlation and prioritization of risks. Integrated DLP and threat intelligence identify attack paths and detect ongoing attacks. And they do it by correlating automatically misconfigurations or activities that appear to be low-risk when considered individually, but pose risks when considered together.
  • Efficiency at scale. An integrated graph-based prioritization and correlation engine accelerates problem resolution. It also reduces fatigue from excessive alarms, allowing you to focus on the most important risks.

360° risk visibility

Consolidation of single products. A single, easy-to-deploy agentless platform that eliminates single products by unifying CSPM, ICES, CWPP, and DLP. And at the same time protecting continuously at each stage of the application lifecycle.

Native, end-to-end platform without silos. A platform that reduces DevOps and security team silos with deep 360° visibility into risks across your entire multi-cloud environment. Including containers, virtual machines (VMs) and serverless workloads, from creation to execution.

Prevent data loss and threat intelligence

Willie Tejada, Senior Vice President of Zscaler
In recent years, CNAPP platforms have started to spread more and more. However, they all have the same weak point: not they help companies to understand the exposure of sensitive data. Zscaler’s data protection technologies provide detailed and deep insight into sensitive data created and developed over many years. By integrating these technologies, Zscaler gives enterprises insight into cloud risks that security teams have never previously benefited from.

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