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գ¹ͣ Ϫ2šȻӪʸ ֤ ŷȻ ڻ 8 Ӧǡ:

ǣ 棬 Ϫ2šĿν; ⶣʽ Ͷ ֮ ǰ ӡ ӡзԤ ⣬ Ϫ2šҪ2022ŷȻ


Դ Դ ܲ1116ͣ ԡϪ2šȻ ܵ ĿӪ ֤ бʾ ڡ Ϫ2šȻ ܵ ʿǵ¹λʿǵ¹ ޷ ϶ΪӪ ֻ̡ й ܵ Ӫ̵ ֯ʽ ϵ¹ɣп ܻ ֤


Ϫ2šǶ˹Ȼҵɷpan˾5ŷ繹˾ĺĿ漰Ӷ˹ Inject ĺ¹Ȼ֧ end ڸ ԭƻ 2019깤Ȼҵɷ 䵶 ͶͶҶ ӿ Ӱ Ͷ Ҷ Ӷ Ͷ Ҷ ֺ Ӷ

9Ѯ˹Ȼҵɷ ݹ˾ Ϫ2šĿȫ 깤 ǰͨӪ¹ͻȻ ָͣ Ŀµı


Ѹ Լ ŷ ׶˹֮ ì ܼ ƣáϪ2šĿ ⲿ ĸ

ڣΣŷ˺Ͱ˹˹ļҶԽ׶˹ the bell ŷ˳ԱѼя ۳ƣ˹ quick ڰ׶˹ľ´ ڣʹ¹ӿ the second šȻshop ͶӪ

ŷ ڲ Լ ޵ ĺжŷΪ Զ˹ вԡϪ2šĿһ ֱַ̬ ȡǰЩжŷ ׶˹ ì Ϊŷ˵Ҫ Ա¹ ǵάŷ ڲ ƽҪѡӺ ֤ ĿӪʸ2šĿӪʸ Դ˶Զ˹ Ͱ ׶˹ʩ ܴ ǰ͡Ϫ2šĿһʶ ݵ Բ 롰 Ϫ2šĿ ޽ ҵƲãų¹ͨӺͨĿķʽһIJ




зΪŷȻȱ۸ǵ̬ƽ Ե õ ⡣ · ͸һ¹ Ա ĻƣԤơϪ2šĿ ܻ Ƴ ٵ20223¡

2022 ꣬ŵ¹̨׶˹Ͳŷ˹ұẾͣ¹ǻƶϪ2šȻӪʸ֤ chi Ѿ깤ġϪ2š̵ָĿǰ˹ȡԿƵ̬ȣͷźţҲֹȴ̬÷չȴ̬


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