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【Forbidden】Australia: The Chinese Communist Party Dangerously Intercepts Australian Military Aircraft | Australian Department of Defense | South China Sea

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【Forbidden】Australia: The Chinese Communist Party Dangerously Intercepts Australian Military Aircraft | Australian Department of Defense | South China Sea

[NTD, Beijing, June 7, 2022]The Australian Ministry of Defence said on June 5 that a Chinese fighter jet suddenly and dangerously intercepted an Australian military reconnaissance plane in the South China Sea in May. The comments pointed out that Beijing is trying to unilaterally change the existing international order or rules with similar behavior, which is also the concern and resistance of neighboring countries.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese: “On May 26, an Australian Air Force P-8 maritime reconnaissance aircraft was attacked by a Chinese J-16 fighter jet while conducting routine maritime reconnaissance activities in the international airspace of the South China Sea. Intercept.”

Australia’s new prime minister, Albanese, confirmed to the media on Sunday that the Australian government had approached the Chinese authorities to raise concerns about the matter.

Australian Defense Minister Marles told the media that the CCP’s J-16 accelerated, cut through the nose of the Australian P-8, and suddenly released chaff jamming bombs at a very close place. The P-8 engine coil sucked in some of the foil. He criticized: “This is very dangerous behavior.”

No one was injured in the incident. The Australian plane was able to return to base. The Defence Ministry said Australia had been conducting maritime reconnaissance activities in the region for decades and “exercising the right to freedom of navigation and overflight in international waters and airspace in accordance with international law”.

The Chinese Communist Party media “Global Times” reported that this was Australia’s “hype” in order to create a “China threat theory”.

Wang Zhisheng, Secretary General of the China Asia-Pacific Elite Exchange Association: “China has always claimed that it owns the South China Sea, or part of the East China Sea, or the sovereignty of the Taiwan Strait. Extreme pressure to create a phenomenon that falls under his jurisdiction. This is what the United States has been emphasizing, that Beijing is trying to unilaterally change the existing international order or rules with various behaviors. “

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Two days before the incident, US President Joe Biden visited Japan, and the leaders of the US, Japan, Australia and India held the “Quartet Security Dialogue” summit in Tokyo. The joint statement after the meeting specifically mentioned the disputed East and South China Seas around China, and strongly opposed coercion, provocation or unilateral actions that seek to change the status quo and increase tensions. The four countries reaffirmed their strong commitment to a free, open, inclusive and resilient Indo-Pacific.

Guo Yuren, Executive Director of the Taiwan Institute of National Policy: “Of course (the CCP) is directly responding to the summit of the four-nation security dialogue that just ended on May 24. China is also through this military action that violates international law and seriously violates international conventions. to express his protest against the agreement reached at the QUAD Leaders Summit.”

Wang Zhisheng: “Once again, this is an international navigation and a field with freedom of aviation. If Beijing adopts this borderline strategy of approaching war without any reason, it is a misfire, in fact What you are causing is further containment around the world. In fact, these are all unnecessary fringe conflicts to a certain extent.”

The new Prime Minister of Australia, Albanese, was officially sworn in on May 23. This incident is the first provocation incident by a Chinese military aircraft since he took office.

Guo Yuren: “Albanese has made it very clear that he will abide by all the international agreements signed with Japan, the United States, India, and other countries to jointly fight against China. So the CCP is also Albanese just took office. , a little bit under the influence of the new Prime Minister of Australia.”

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A few days ago, Canadian media quoted military sources as saying that Canadian reconnaissance planes were repeatedly interfered by Chinese military planes while they were flying in international airspace to carry out the United Nations sanctions monitoring mission against North Korea.

Three months ago, Australia also accused the Chinese military of using military lasers to target an Australian plane in northern Australia. The Australian government called it a dangerous “act of intimidation”.

Comments believe that these frequent provocations may also reflect the CCP’s political considerations in the short term.

Wang Zhisheng: “In the short term, I think that regardless of the Indo-Pacific strategy or the international community’s sanctions and pressure on China, if China does not allow the PLA and the hawks to make some moves If the pressure is released, I also think that Xi Jinping will be considered too weak in his bid for re-election at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.”

Wang Zhisheng, secretary-general of the China Asia-Pacific Elite Exchange Association, believes that the CCP’s actions in the airspace and the use of maritime militia and coast guard ships in the relevant waters have caused great dissatisfaction in neighboring countries, and are likely to lead to unnecessary fringe conflicts. .

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