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【Is there any mistake】The rise of Asia does not include China | Iran | World Cup | Iranian women

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【Is there any mistake】The rise of Asia does not include China | Iran | World Cup | Iranian women

[The Epoch Times, November 24, 2022]”Is there a mistake”. November 24.

In late November, the World Cup in Qatar officially kicked off. It turned out that I estimated that once the World Cup starts, things in mainland China may be quiet for a while, and everyone will go to watch the game. The result was not, not only was there no peace, but all kinds of fires and explosions and factory riots became more severe. The fire in Anyang, Henan, the explosion in Taiyuan, Shanxi, the riots at Foxconn in Zhengzhou, the escalation of lockdowns in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, and the World Cup did not work at all.

This year’s World Cup, Asian national teams finally showed their faces. First, Saudi Arabia beat Argentina 2-1, and Japan beat Germany 2-1. In my memory, Asian football teams are rarely able to win against European or South American teams, let alone teams from football powerhouses such as Argentina and Germany participating in the World Cup. This shows that Asian football has indeed made great progress, and the gap with world powers is narrowing.

It may be too early to say that Asian football is rising in an all-round way, but it is rising, and it probably won’t be too far behind. Unfortunately, once again, there is no China in the collective rise of Asia. The Chinese football team is too bad to make it to the final week of the World Cup.

So far, five teams from the six Asia-Pacific countries have played their first match. Except for two victories, Qatar, Australia and Iran have all lost. However, although Iran lost, it has gained considerable limelight. At least it earned me a lot of respect. It’s not because of Iran’s good game against England, but the humanity and bravery of their players.

Iran’s national football team kept silent during the national anthem before a game against England on Monday and did not celebrate after scoring a goal, a tacit gesture by Iranian sportsmen for the past two months in protest of the government’s crackdown on the country. a pattern.

Iran’s most famous star, Sardar Azmoun, who plays in the Bundesliga, has repeatedly expressed his position on social media. He changed the avatar of his social media account to black, in solidarity with the domestic protests, “I hope Iranian women will never suffer the same pain”, “Brave Iranian women, I hope that one day the whole world will respect you.”

Regarding his behavior, Azmon has no scruples. “The worst case is that I will be expelled from the national team. I will not have any objections to being expelled, because I am willing to sacrifice everything for a single hair of an Iranian woman.”

He told media reporters, “I have already said my opinion, at most they will kick me out of the national team.” The Iranian government did not expel him. Carlos Queiroz, the Portuguese head coach of Iran’s men’s football team, told reporters last week that players were free to protest “as long as it is within the limits of World Cup rules and in the spirit of sportsmanship”.

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Ahead of the England game, their coach said every player has freedom of expression. Iranian team captain Ehsan Hajisafi (Ehsan Hajisafi) even publicly stated to the media, “We must accept the fact that the situation in our country is not right and our people are not happy.”

“We’re here, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be their voice, or that we can’t respect them.”

In September this year, 22-year-old Kurdish woman Masha Amini was detained by Iran’s “morality police” for violating the relevant laws on wearing headscarves. She died a few hours later, which became the fuse of nationwide protests in Iran. . Over the past few months, the protests have turned into a movement calling for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic’s religious theocratic rule.

In the stands on Monday, some Iranian fans could be heard chanting “No honor” as one spectator held up a sign that read “Women! Lives! Freedom!” common to protests in Iran. slogans, which are all used by Iranian protesters to denounce the Iranian regime and security forces.

Some 15,000 Iranians have been arrested and hundreds have died in dozens of Iranian cities after two months of protests and a harsh crackdown by authorities, according to human rights groups.

Many Iranian celebrities, including musicians, artists and journalists, came out in support of the protesters, including well-known Iranian actress Hengameh Ghaziani, 52, who posted a statement on Instagram condemning the government’s crackdown on participating in the demonstrations She also uploaded a video of the protest, only to be arrested by Iranian security forces a few hours later.

Another famous actress, Katayoun Riahi, 60, also publicly removed her hijab in an Instagram post and publicly stated her opposition to laws that would compel the wearing of the hijab. According to reports, security forces arrested her at her villa in Qazvin, northwest of Tehran.

There are reports that Iran has arrested and arrested artists for openly opposing the government and supporting protesters, including well-known actors, musicians, and painters. There are more than 200 people in total. It also includes many young artists, such as Toomaj Salehi, a well-known Iranian rapper, who wrote and sang songs in support of the demonstrations and has been detained in a Tehran prison since he was caught.

Let’s talk about Iran.

Iran, known as Persia in ancient times, is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The early ruins of civilization that can be traced back are older than China. The Iranians are Aryans, and probably have a lot to do with the Aryans who invaded India in the early days. Iran is also the border between the Aryans and the Semites. In the Middle Ages, Iran’s biggest disaster came from the east. When the Mongolian cavalry government ruled the Persian region, 90% of Iran’s population disappeared. The ancient Persian water conservancy system was basically completely destroyed, and agriculture suffered a devastating blow.

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After the First World War, the Pahlavi Dynasty of Iran was established to promote modernization in Iran. During World War II, although Iran was neutral, it sympathized with Germany, so Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union occupied Iran. In December 1943, Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union met in Tehran, Iran. As a continuation of the Cairo Conference, the three countries internally determined the post-war order. Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Republic of China, went to Cairo but not to Tehran. Of course, he was very dissatisfied with the three countries’ avoiding China to decide the post-war order in East Asia.

The Shah of Iran (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) chose the United States after the war, becoming one of the most pro-American countries in the Middle East. In the 1970s, Iran used to be the most secular country in the Middle East, because it had a lot of oil, and it was also the most economically developed country. However, like the modernization process of many backward countries, Iran’s officialdom was full of corruption at the time, and the system was also very authoritarian, with the police and security agencies extremely powerful.

The relationship between Iran and the United States is also very interesting. Iran’s oil is basically developed by BP Oil Company, that is, British Petroleum. However, after World War II, Iran nationalized the oil industry and handed over the management rights to American companies because they believed in the United States more, mainly King Pakistan. Levi believed in the United States more.

In the 1970s, when internal turmoil broke out in Iran, Pahlavi chose to flee to Egypt, and then wandered in many countries around the world. Later, because of cancer, he went to the United States for medical treatment. As a result, the Iranian Islamic revolutionaries were very dissatisfied with this and asked the United States to extradite Pahlavi. The United States retaliated with all its strength. In 1980, the two countries broke off diplomatic relations, and the United States froze Iran’s $8 billion property.

Let’s be honest, America is not completely innocent in this crisis. Iran borders the Soviet Union, blocking the passage of the Soviet Union from the north into the Indian Ocean, which is very important to the United States. During Pahlavi’s rule of Iran, he adopted an iron-fisted dictatorship. The US Central Intelligence Agency not only supported him to fight against communism, but also supported him to deal with the domestic opposition. A large number of human rights violations, many people in Iran believe that they are related to the CIA (US Central Intelligence Agency).

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The hostage crisis began on November 4, 1979 and lasted until January 20, 1981, a total of 444 days. The relationship between the two countries has been hostile ever since and has always been bad. For the United States, the Iranian hostage crisis is a pain in the hearts of Americans, and it is another historical pain that has been inserted into the back of the United States after the Vietnam War. So far, the United States and Iran have not resumed diplomatic relations.

I once had a worker in London who was from Iran. The most common thing he said was: “He dare not mess with me, I am Iranian.” It means that Iran is very stubborn, will take revenge, and holds grudges very much, so it is not easy to mess with. I don’t know if the Iranians are like this, but this worker does. I think that when the United States supported the Pahlavi regime, many Iranians remembered it, and this hatred has not been forgotten until now, which is probably the reason.

Pahlavi was expelled because of the White Revolution. One of the reasons was that President Carter of the United States withdrew his support for him because he violated human rights. But the Iranians don’t care about that. Pahlavi was very angry about this, he went around saying “Americans have betrayed me”. These are interesting histories.

It may be a coincidence to say that the Iranian revolution in 1979 led to the severance of diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran. Since then, Iran has embarked on a closed road, reversing the modernization process of the past Pahlavi kings. In that year, the United States and China established diplomatic relations, and the CCP began to abandon Mao Zedong’s line and carry out reform and opening up. Now, the people of Iran are standing up to fight, hoping to reverse the country’s path, from a closed society with theocracy to a more open model, while mainland China has returned to a closed model from reform and opening up. Is this world really coming? What “turning point” is the key point?

Speaking of this World Cup, although Iran lost the game, the Iranian players have expressed the stubbornness of human nature. This is the reason why I respect it. And Asian countries, including football, are in the process of rising, but not including China, which is ruled by the Communist Party of China. In human history, the rise of a nation has always been the rise of the national spirit, not the material rise. The CCP is going against the grain, suppressing the free spiritual will of the Chinese people, but imagining that it can “rise”, which is completely a dream come true.

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