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100 young people for the Vodafone Foundation hackathon

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100 young people for the Vodafone Foundation hackathon

An event to learn new skills on Generative Artificial Intelligence and a challenge to create digital solutions to bring girls closer to STEM subjects

Around 100 young people from two Lombardy high schools participated in “LV8 for Girls”, a hackathon organized by Vodafone Foundationin collaboration with Junior Achievement – dedicated to learning new skills in the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence and their application, with the aim of devising innovative solutions to bring girls closer to STEM subjects and the world of technology and digital.

The event, which took place yesterday at Theater of the Vodafone Village in Milanis part of the Vodafone Italia Foundation’s commitment to transmitting digital skills to young people through LV8 (Level 8), the app created to involve them in training courses through games.

The project, initially designed for those who do not study or work (the so-called NEETs – Not in Education, Employment or Training) to encourage them to return to having an active role in society, is aimed at all young people and has the objective of develop the digital skills necessary to seize the work opportunities offered by the labor market.

The challenges proposed during the day aimed to encourage students to find innovative ideas to encourage girls to choose study and professional paths in the STEM field, overcoming those stereotypes according to which scientific subjects are the prerogative of the male sphere. In Italy, according to the latest ISTAT data, only one in six graduates has a qualification in STEM disciplines, compared to one in three graduates among men.

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Through “Looking for hacker friends”, a new game format by LV8 created specifically for the occasion, the girls and boys acquired digital skills in the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence, learning to use the main tools for carrying out research and brainstorming, writing projects, creating images and do translations.

The challenge saw the students engaged in the practical application of the skills acquired with LV8, designing and creating an innovative solution (product, service, initiative) through Generative Artificial Intelligence to raise awareness among girls and encourage them to unleash their potential and talents, approaching STEM study paths or careers.

The kids were able to count on the support of “mentors” – Vodafone employees and collaborators – and Junior Achievement facilitators who guided them throughout the day. The final projects were presented through pitches to a jury – made up of Vodafone managers, experts and collaborators from the Vodafone Foundation and representatives of Junior Achievement.

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