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11 bit studios announces INDIKA, a nun struggling with the devil

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11 bit studios announces INDIKA, a nun struggling with the devil

11 bit studios today announced the upcoming arrival on Xbox of INDICATEan unusual third-person adventure with realistic graphics from the Odd Meter studio, in which we will take on the role of a young nun who will meet the devil himself and will embark on an adventure in the Russian countryside.

The game is expected during the month of May: below is the official description, the announcement trailer and a set of images.


INDIKA is a third-person game with a strong narrative component set in a strange world where religious visions collide with harsh reality. It tells the story of a young nun who embarks on a journey of self-discovery with an unusual horned companion at her side.

From the outside, Indika seems like a typical nun trying to adapt to the difficult and monotonous life of the monastery. But as seemingly humble and innocent as she is, she has also made a highly unlikely acquaintance: she talks to the devil himself.

The unusual bond between Indika and the Evil One leads her to carry out a mission outside the safe walls of the monastery. The world she discovers can only be described as a crazy mix of comedy and tragedy straight out of the novels of Dostoevsky and Bulgakov.


Religion and authority are themes present throughout Indika’s journey, and she will have to ask herself many questions along the way. Help her find her answers, one by one, before the end of this life-changing adventure.

Odd Meter is a small independent studio, previously based in Moscow and now in Kazakhstan. For team members, aesthetics is fundamental and they are not afraid of ethical balancing acts. Their game proves it, because INDIKA constitutes an open challenge to the industry’s established approach to video game creation.


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