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13 new fever clinics in Xiamen where patients can go to see a doctor – People’s Livelihood – Southeast Net Xiamen Channel

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Xiamen adds 13 fever clinics

Pediatric influenza patients are gradually declining, but still in the peak period of influenza epidemics

Southeast.com, June 30 (Strait Herald reporter Li Fangfang correspondent Chen Ping Li Xin) In order to further strengthen influenza prevention and control, Xiamen has recently added 13 fever clinics inside and outside the island, and all patients who seek medical treatment can provide diagnosis and treatment services after nucleic acid sampling. . It is reported that at present, 16 fever clinics and 13 fever clinics have been opened in the city, and patients can go to see a doctor.

The reporter recently saw in the Pediatric Fever Clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University that there were not many children waiting for treatment at the scene. According to the hospital, the number of pediatric fever outpatient visits has dropped significantly in recent days, from a peak of 750 a day to around 500. In order to divert children with influenza as soon as possible, the First Hospital renovated the pediatric fever clinic, expanding the clinic from two to five. At the same time, the hospital also optimized the medical treatment process and moved the nucleic acid sampling process from the fever clinic to the outside of the clinic. .

The relevant person in charge of Xiamen Children’s Hospital said that the number of outpatients with fever in its pediatric department dropped by about 40% year-on-year. In order to ensure that children see a doctor in a timely manner, the medical staff of the hospital canceled their vacations, and dispatched medical staff from various wards of the internal medicine department to join the fever clinic and emergency clinic to ensure that the fever clinic and emergency clinic operate at full capacity 24 hours a day.

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Monitoring data from the Xiamen Municipal Health and Health Commission shows that after the implementation of various optimization and triage measures, the number of influenza patients admitted to fever clinics in various hospitals in Xiamen has shown a downward trend. However, it is worth noting that Xiamen will still be in a period of high influenza epidemics in the future. Doctors remind that children under the age of two, pregnant women, people over 65 years old, and people with underlying diseases still cannot relax their protection against influenza.

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