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18 people died in fake alcohol poisoning in Yekaterinburg, Russia_methanol

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Original title: 18 people died in a fake alcohol poisoning incident in Yekaterinburg, Russia

According to foreign media reports, the Russian Commission of Inquiry said on Saturday (October 16 local time) that 18 people in Yekaterinburg, Russia had recently died of fake alcohol poisoning.

18 people died in Yekaterinburg, Russia after citing homemade fake wine

Investigators said that from October 7th to 14th, someone peddled homemade fake wine in the Chikalov district of Yekaterinburg, which contained methanol, which is usually used for industrial purposes, and 18 people died after drinking the liquid. The police have arrested two suspects suspected of selling fake wine.

According to previous reports, in early October, a large-scale fake alcohol poisoning incident occurred in the Orenburg region of southwest Russia, killing 36 people.

In recent years, there have been many cases of fake alcohol poisoning in Russia. In 2016, 77 people in Siberia died from drinking bath oil mixed with methanol, which is the most serious death caused by fake alcohol in Russia in recent years.

After the incident, Russia strengthened relevant legislation.

Russian media pointed out that there are about 21 million people living below the poverty line in Russia. For people with lower living standards, vodka is expensive, so fake alcohol poisoning still occurs frequently.

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