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2 Serbian young men killed in Denmark | Info

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2 Serbian young men killed in Denmark |  Info

Two citizens of Serbia were killed on Monday in Copenhagen!

Source: Mondo

Two young men from Serbia were killed on Monday in Copenhagen, Denmark! They were attacked by a group of young men for an unknown reason.

Petar Stešević (17), originally from Montenegro, he was stabbed in the heart, while his friend N.Š. (18), originally from Čačak, cut throat. A Pakistani (17) is suspected of this attack, and according to unofficial information, another young man was injured but is out of danger.

Everything happened 300 meters from our house here, he went out in the evening with two friends, N.Š. and a guy from Denmark. His mother called him and he only told her that he was on his way home, and he was very close, and when he didn’t show up soon, she called him again, but he didn’t answer. Then the police called and said the worst had happened.

Petar would turn 18 in three months, he was supposed to graduate, his life was ahead of him. He was a great athlete, and he has been friends with the guy who was with him all his life, both were born here in Denmark, played football, basketball together…“, said Peter’s father, Nenad Stešević.


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