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20 countries that boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics and refuse to sign the Olympic truce | Beijing Winter Olympics | CCP’s human rights abuses |

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[Epoch Times December 04, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Li Yun interviewed and reported) The Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching. According to Australian media, 20 countries including the United States, India, Australia and Japan have refused to sign the Winter Olympics truce agreement, aiming to protest the human rights of the CCP Bad track. Analysis believes that the various anti-humanitarian behaviors of the CCP have made Western countries sober.

On December 2, Beijing and the International Olympic Games (IOC) The jointly drafted “Beijing Winter Olympics Olympic Truce Resolution” was submitted to the United Nations and passed at the United Nations General Assembly that day. The truce resolution calls on all countries to put aside conflicts during the 7 days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the 7 days after the closing of the Beijing Paralympics on March 13, so that these two sports events can be a way to promote peaceful dialogue and reconciliation. .

However, the Australian media “Sydney Morning Herald” reported that 20 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and Japan have all refused to sign the truce resolution. Dissatisfaction with the Hong Kong issue and the event of famous tennis player Peng Shuai.

Turkey also did not sign to express its dissatisfaction with the CCP’s violation of Uyghur human rights in Xinjiang.

Analysis: All kinds of anti-humanitarian behaviors of the CCP make the West sober

Current political commentator Lan Shu analyzed the Epoch Times that the CCP submitted the Winter Olympics truce agreement mainly because of fear that it would violate human rights and anti-democracy by Western countries during the time before the Winter Olympics and during the Winter Olympics. , Anti-humanity, etc. criticisms of these ugly phenomena.

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“There are 20 countries that refuse to sign this agreement, because Western countries are now increasingly considering that the CCP may threaten the peace of the entire Western world and the international community in the future. Therefore, they are more and more concerned about humanity and human rights in China. The problem of disaster.” Lan Shu said.

“Western countries have already seen clearly that the CCP’s Olympic Games is to establish its image as a powerful country in the world. But after the CCP is strong, diplomacy is a continuation of its internal affairs. How it treats the Chinese people, it will treat Western countries What is it like. So Western countries are unwilling to sign the so-called truce agreement.”

Lan Shu said, “It is conceivable that before the start of the Winter Olympics and until the Winter Olympics. Western countries will continue to raise various human rights issues in China, and various very cruel and anti-human issues. criticize.”

The Beijing Winter Olympics is scheduled to open on February 4, 2022. Since 2020, international human rights organizations and people from all walks of life have called for boycotts. With the approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the international community’s resistance to the Winter Olympics is getting louder and louder.

China researcher Zhang Jian told The Epoch Times that in 2008, Beijing will host the Summer Olympics, and there are strong international calls to boycott the Beijing Olympics. However, supporters believe that the world-famous sports event will make the CCP scruples. When it demonstrates its capabilities and strength on the international stage, it will improve human rights.

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“But 13 years later, people discovered that these supporters had disillusioned the beauty of the CCP. The CCP’s brutality has reached the point of genocide, and it continues to this day. The Chinese people live in a novel called “Nineteen Eighty Four”. Describes an era that is even more terrifying.” Zhang Jian said, “So boycotting the Winter Olympics has become a basic human rights effort by every person who yearns for freedom, justice and peace.”

The Sydney Morning Drive quoted sources from the US and Australian governments to confirm that the US President Biden’s administration may announce a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in some form as early as next week. Australian Prime Minister Morrison is also weighing similar measures.

U.S. politicians criticize the CCP for tarnishing the Olympics

On December 2, the chairman of the US Congress and Administration China Committee, Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley and co-chair, Democratic Representative James McGovern announced the launch of the “Olympic Prisoners” project and criticized the CCP Defiled the Olympics.

The two also announced that they will focus on those unfairly imprisoned by the CCP hosting the Olympic Games, and encourage people to join them in calling on the International Olympic Committee and its partners to use their influence to pressure the CCP and ask the CCP to release its conscience. To reduce the pollution of the Olympic spirit.

Zhang Jian said that as everyone knows, Peak’s spirit is unity, friendship and peace. The CCP has never had the spirit of the Olympics since its establishment, so hosting the Olympics in China under the CCP’s rule is a great insult and disrespect for human civilization, peace, and freedom.

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