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20 phrases about love and friendship that will move you

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20 phrases about love and friendship that will move you

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“What makes the world tick?” The money, the energy, the information? The truth is that this is a question whose answer varies depending on who we ask. But even the most rational minds in history have agreed that there are a higher abstract force to all the others: love.

When projected towards others, this intense feeling constitutes one of the many ways that human beings have to connect with their yo more social: we all need to love and be loved, regardless of the way that love is expressed. In that sense, the ancient Greeks added under the umbrella of this term others such as the philiathe love of a friendwhich is characterized by being fraternal and promoting the good of the other.

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Thus, love and friendship can be expressed in infinite ways: for example, through untilas Rafael Sanzio did in his Self portrait with a friend (1518), from musicas The Beatles demonstrated with their All you need is love (1967) or words, as these thinkers, writers and scientists achieved with such precision. Here we leave you some of the most famous phrases about love and friendship. Who are you going to dedicate them to?

“Love is composed of a soul inhabiting two bodies.”

— Aristotle, Greek philosopher of the fourth century b.c

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“Friends: a family whose individuals are chosen at will.”

—Alphonse Karr, 19th century French novelist.

love friendship

A couple chats during a walk in the woods. Italy, 1960.

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“He who loves becomes humble. Those who love, so to speak, renounce a part of their narcissism.”

— Sigmund Freud, thinker and psychoanalyst of the 20th century.

“Who have a friend, have a treasure.”

— It belongs to the Book of Ecclesiastes, 6, v. 14.

“The crime of love is oblivion.”

— Maurice Chevalier, 20th century performer.

“Perfect and true friendship requires three things: virtue as honest, treatment as pleasant, and usefulness as necessary.”

— Plutarch, Roman historian of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. c.

love friendship

A couple of people hug each other on a park bench. Houston, 1965.

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“Neither absence nor time are anything when you love.”

— Alfred de Musset, 19th century writer.

“What is done for love is beyond good and evil.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher of the 19th century.

“Friendship is a love that is not communicated through the senses.”

— Ramón de Campoamor, 19th century poet.

“Where there is no love, put love and you will find love.”

— Saint John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church during the papacy of Pius XI, in the 16th century.

love friendship

Friends bathing in the Eastbourne sea. England, 1925.

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“When prudence does not form the bonds of friendship, madness easily breaks them.”

— William Shakespeare, playwright of the 16th and 17th centuries.

“The strongest love is the one that can show its fragility.”

— Paulo Coelho, contemporary novelist.

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“The antidote to fifty enemies is one friend.”

— Aristotle, Greek philosopher of the fourth century b.c

“Love conquers all.”

— Virgil, Roman poet of the first century aC

love friendship

Women talking in front of their house. New Orleans, United States, 1943.

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“Not being loved is a simple misfortune; the true misfortune is not to love.”

— Albert Camus, 20th century writer.

“He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals.”

—Benjamin Franklin, 18th century politician and scientist.

“There are friendships imprinted in our hearts that will never be diminished by time and distance.”

— Dodinsky, contemporary writer.

“Love is being stupid together.”

— Paul Valéry, writer and poet of the nineteenth century.

“If you come, for example, at four in the afternoon; from three o’clock I would start to be happy.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 20th century writer.

“True friendships are eternal.”

— Cicero, Roman politician and philosopher of the 2nd century BC

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