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2021ŵѧ 3λѧһ–

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ʱ10511ʱ45֣2021ŵѧʼҿѧԺýSyukuro ManabeKlaus HasselmannGiorgio ParisiԱ⸴ϵͳĿԹס

ŵƣѧ · (Giorgio Parisi) Ϊ “˴ԭӵdz ߶ ȵϵͳͲ ໥” һ2021ŵѧ

(Syukuro Manabe)͵¹ѧҿ˹·(Klaus Hasselmann)“ԱöԵģ仯ͿɿԤȫů”


(Thanksura Manabe)

1931 ձ¹1957ձ ѧòʿѧλĿǰΪ˹ ѧѧҡ ѧѧҡ:

˹·(Klaus Hasselmann)

1931 ڵ¹1957 ӵ¹͢ѧòʿѧλĿǰΪ¹ѧо ڡ

(Giorgio Parisi)


Դ ſͻ ۺ ŵպ Ժ ֮ ΢ŵ:

ԭ ⣺2021 ŵѧ 3λѧһ

Ԣ 66wz.com

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