Home World 34-year-old Italian pizza maker found dead in Great Britain: investigation for murder

34-year-old Italian pizza maker found dead in Great Britain: investigation for murder

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34-year-old Italian pizza maker found dead in Great Britain: investigation for murder

He had left Mesagne to seek his fortune abroad, like so many young people from the South who leave their country in search of more opportunities. Carlo Giannini34 years old, pizza maker from Mesagne, was found on the morning of May 12th lifeless in a park a Sheffield, in England. To find his body was a passerby who alerted the police. The British police, in a note published on their website, announced that they had opened an investigation into the murder and launched an appeal to anyone who had seen something.

According to investigators, Carlo was killed: he was found on a bench with some wounds possibly caused by a knife. His death would date back to the night between 11 and 12 May. Based on the first reconstructions of the Italian investigators, the pizza chef’s relatives are in contact with the Italian consulate and will leave for Sheffield in the next few years.

The 34-year-old had been living abroad for several years, in Northern Europe. He had first moved to Germany where two years ago he had opened a pizzeria with his sister-in-law, then recently he had gone to live in England and here too he continued his activity in the restaurant world.

Carlo was a pizza maker, and he was very good; preparing pizzas was not just a job for him but a real passion. His death left the Mesagnese community dismayed. From Mesagne’s friends, who spent their adolescence with him, he is described as a sunny boy, always smiling, ironic. Carlo’s other two brothers also went abroad for work, while his sister lives in Mesagne where his parents are located.

A well-known family in the village, the father is a retired nurse. The news arrived on the afternoon of May 12, when the English police phoned the Giannini home. No one at the moment knows what exactly happened in that park.

Minister Dadone

“I do not speak about the tragedy until official news arrives. I express closeness to the family. It is clear that the needs of children to go out are part of the youthful nature”. The minister for youth policies said so Fabiana Dadone talking to reporters about the 34-year-old Italian’s death in England. The minister is in Brindisi for the ‘Neet woorking tour’ event, the traveling information campaign dedicated to young people aged between 14 and 35 who are not currently studying.

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