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3Cómplices, review of their album The Tragedy

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3Cómplices, review of their album The Tragedy

If we do history, we have to go back to the year Orwell to find the birth certificate of KK for you, or what is the same, the band formed by “Buto”, “Buelius” and “Nano”. We are in 2024 and they are still here. Make numbers. Yes, it is true, their wandering and eventful career is strewn with parentheses, appearances and disappearances, name changes and even some album work that never saw the light of day, but 3Cómplices are right now a tangible, patent and latent reality. Proof of this is (was) the mini LP that they released in 2014 with Subterráneo Records “Notice: it reads 3 accomplices.”

It was the return to activity, the return to the present, the necessary update. Now they surprise us with “The tragedy”, his second work after his umpteenth and last reformulation. A vinyl of eleven cuts that brings together all the essence of those who one day joined the Criminal Brigade and are still there, so happy.

The album opens with a clear example of how José Alves, the “Nano” is capable of composing tunes that mock the linearity of time: “Hotel Overlook” could be on his first demo but it is on his last album. And it is a blow that puts the cards on the table when one looks at the record, a welcome that is also a warning: it’s about this, friend. And what is this? Well, it is transgression, criticism, social denunciation, like that exuded by “Hit Parade” and “Today the same as yesterday”; It is the punk spirit that emanates from “Una chapa de los Clash”; It is love and disenchantment adorned with the delirium and distortion of “Serpent Eyes” and the pure adrenaline of the dizzying “The Tragedy.” But that’s not all: add, as added value, the premeditated abandonment of commonplaces to delve into deeper themes, such as “The Music of Erich Zann”, a cut that takes its title and theme from HP Lovecraft’s story, or the immense “If you consider”, in which

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José Alves brings to his field, making his own in the form of a song, the poem “If we consider” by the controversial Charles Bukowski. Second installment of a triad on vinyl (which will not take another -almost- ten more years for the last one to see the light…) again (and recovered!) material that brings the irreverent and incendiary KK for you to the present day, almost four decades later, just as corrosive, just as uncomfortable, but with the brilliance that always deserved to be shown, the work and grace of Carlos Ortigosa, responsible for recording, mixing and mastering at Karl Sound’s La Azotea studios. (Valencia).

The Tragedy of 3COMPLICES

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