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4 South American Players in Lyon Squad 2023/2024

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4 South American Players in Lyon Squad 2023/2024

Olympique Lyon performed poorly in French Ligue 1 2023/2024. Until the 20th week, Lyon had slumped to 15th in the standings. Les Gones are only three points from the relegation zone. In an effort to recover, Lyon is trying to improve the squad in the January 2024 transfer market.

Unmitigated, Lyon brought in seven new players, both on permanent and loan status. This includes two quality players from Brazil who can strengthen the defense. Their arrival also increases the stock of South American players in the Lyon squad to four. These are the four players.

1. Nicolas Tagliafico can be relied on by Lyon as a left back or midfielder

Nicolas Tagliafico (ol.fr)

Lyon has one player from Argentina who will be a mainstay in 2023/2024. He is Nicolas Tagliafico, a 31 year old left back who has been defending Lyon since 2022. Since his first season, Tagliafico has been the main choice in Lyon’s defense. Apart from that, he is often used in the left midfielder post.

In fact, Tagliafico’s appearance as a midfielder often produces positive results for Lyon. In the last 5 matches in Ligue 1, Tagliafico played as a midfielder 4 times. As a result, Lyon won all four matches without conceding. Most recently, Tagliafico helped Lyon beat Olympique Marseille 1-0 in the 20th week of Ligue 1 this season.

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2. Henrique Silva has been in the Lyon uniform since 2021

Henrique Silva (instagram.com/henrique37)

An alternative choice at Lyon’s left back post in 2023/2024 is Henrique Silva. Henrique is a left-back from Brazil who has been in the Lyon uniform since 2021. Initially, Henrique appeared quite a lot with Lyon. However, since the arrival of Nicolas Tagliafico, Henrique’s playing minutes have decreased.

In 2023/2024, Henrique will only appear 8 times for Lyon, including in 6 Ligue 1 matches. Unfortunately, most of Henrique’s appearances ended in defeat. Henrique’s contract with Lyon itself will expire in the summer of 2024. It is possible that the 29 year old player will leave Lyon in order to get more opportunities to appear.

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3. Adryelson was brought in by Lyon from Botafogo in January 2024

Adryelson (instagram.com/adryelson98)

The two Brazilian players brought in by Lyon in January 2024 are both tasked with strengthening the defense. Uniquely, both of them were also recruited from the same club, Botafogo. The first is Adryelson, a 25 year old center back. He was bought by Lyon for 3.58 million euros or Rp. 61 billion.

Adryelson attracted Lyon’s attention because he was successful as a mainstay for Botafogo. During his 1.5 season stay at Botafogo, Adryelson recorded 75 appearances in all competitions. Throughout 2023, he will even appear 58 times. However, he did not immediately become the main choice defender after joining Lyon.

So far, Adryelson has only appeared three times for Lyon. That includes two appearances in Ligue 1 2023/2024, with a total of just 5 minutes on the pitch. However, Adryelson still has plenty of time to compete for a place in the first team. He is contracted by Lyon for 4.5 years, aka until the summer of 2028.

4. Lucas Perri was also brought in from Botafogo as Lyon’s new goalkeeper

Lucas Perri (instagram.com/lucasperri)

Lyon also succeeded in getting Botafogo’s mainstay goalkeeper, Lucas Perri. Botafogo released Perri for 3.25 million euros or IDR 55 billion. In fact, Perri is irreplaceable under the rule of Botafogo. Throughout 2023, he will play in full 63 matches in all competitions.

However, Lucas Perri’s fate after joining Lyon was similar to Adryelson’s. Perri must first act as a back-up for Lyon’s main goalkeeper, Anthony Lopes. He only sat on the bench in Lyon’s last three matches. However, like Adryelson, Perri can still prove himself while serving his contract, which is valid until 2028.

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Olympique Lyon now have four South American players in their squad. The two players who have just joined still have minimal opportunity to contribute. However, Lyon may need their quality in the 2023/2024 continuation.

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