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5 Interesting Facts about Angpao, Red Envelopes Usually Given during Chinese New Year

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5 Interesting Facts about Angpao, Red Envelopes Usually Given during Chinese New Year


Requirements for giving red packets during Chinese New Year.

Bobo.id – Do you know what the typical traditions are during Chinese New Year celebrations? Yep, giving red packets!

Angpao comes from Chinesehong bao‘, meaning red pocket, red packet, or red envelope.

Angpao will be filled with money called ‘ya sui qian’. The money is called lucky money in the new year.

These red envelopes containing money are not only awaited by children, many adults are also looking forward to them.

Behind this tradition, there are various unique facts about angpao that are rarely known, you know. Find out, come on!

1. History of Angpao during Chinese New Year

It turns out that the tradition of giving red packets has been around since the Qin Dynasty in China, more than 2,000 years ago, you know.

In those days, coins were tied with a red thread, called ‘Ya Sui Qian‘. It means, ‘money to suppress evil spirits’.

There are phrases and symbols engraved on the surface of the coin. For example, longevity with the image of a dragon.

Over time, this tradition developed. Coins were replaced with banknotes and wrapped in red cloth.

The red envelopes in use today, known as ‘hong bao‘ It became popular in the Qing Dynasty.

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2. Angpao must be red

Traditionally, the red packets used during Chinese New Year must be red. Why?

Because, the color red symbolizes luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, friends.

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Giving red angpao is believed to bring good luck and happiness to the recipient.

The red color on angpao is also believed to ward off evil spirits and bring positive energy, you know.

Red envelopes in colors other than red can have other meanings, for example white envelopes symbolize sorrow.

3. Angpao is not just money

Even though it contains money inside, angpao is not just about money. Because angpao has its own meaning.

Giving red packets to relatives means sharing happiness and hopes for the new year.

Giving red packets is a way to show respect for parents or older people.

Apart from that, giving red packets during Chinese New Year can also mean praying for health and good luck.

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4. Rules for the amount of money in Angpao

Giving money in red packets should not be done carelessly. Because, there are rules for the amount of money in an angpao.

For example, angpao must contain new and neat banknotes. Avoid giving crumpled or torn money.

In addition, the amount of money in the angpao must be even. Because odd numbers are associated with bad luck in Chinese culture.

Usually, the amount of money given is adjusted to the age and relationship between the giver and recipient.

Many angpao contain the number 8. Because, it is a symbol of prosperity, prosperity and endless profits.

5. Traditions when receiving Angpao

When someone gives an angpao during Chinese New Year, friends must accept it with both hands.

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Apart from that, we also shouldn’t open red packets in front of the person who gave them. Why so?

In Chinese culture, opening a red packet in front of the giver is believed to bring good luck.

Therefore, if you want to open a red packet, you should wait until the giver leaves. Don’t forget to say thank you, okay?

So, those are some interesting facts about the red packets given during Chinese New Year. Hope it is useful!

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Angpao comes from Chinese, what is it?

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