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5 new typhoon names such as “Xiwangyang”, what is the meaning of the typhoon’s name?

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5 new typhoon names such as “Xiwangyang”, what is the meaning of the typhoon’s name?

Everyone knows that as long as there is a typhoon, it will have a name. Recently, it has been reported that five new names for typhoons including “Xiwangyang” have been launched. In fact, the typhoons are named for the purpose of distinction and memory, and for better early warning and defense. So what are the specific meanings of the five new typhoon names this time?


The weather is unpredictable and sometimes typhoons occur. If there is a big typhoon, it will bring disaster, and what people can do is to prevent it in time. According to the resolution of the 54th session of the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Commission (video) on 23-25 ​​February 2022, “Lymph”、“Vongfong”、“Molave”、“Chasing“and”Vamco“And other 5 typhoon names, respectively by “Peilou”、“Penha”、“Narra”、“Gaenari“and”Bang-lang” replaced.

After consultations between the China Meteorological Administration, the Macao Geophysics and Meteorological Bureau, the Hong Kong Observatory and the Taiwan Meteorological Department, the Chinese translation and meaning of the new name are as follows:Spoonbill PeilouChinese meaning of :A common migratory bird in Macau; Name origin:Macao, China; old name:Lotus LinfaWestview PenhaChinese meaning of :Xiwangyang Mountain is one of the new eight scenic spots in Macau; Name origin:Macao, China; old name:Wasp Vongfong

Rosewood NarraChinese meaning of :a tree, red sandalwood; Name origin:the Philippines; old name:Molave ​​MolaveJane Ravi GaenariChinese meaning of :A spring flowering shrub with yellow flowers, Forsythia; Name origin:South Korea; old name:Swan GoniBang-langChinese meaning of :A flowering tree, Crape myrtle; Name origin:Vietnam; old name:Ring High Vamco

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According to understanding,The name of the typhoon cannot be arbitrarily chosen. It must be easy to understand and remember, so as to convey information to the people in the typhoon area.. Especially when there are several tropical cyclones in the same area, simple and easy-to-understand typhoon names are particularly important – to avoid confusion and facilitate alerts.

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