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50 Best Latam 2023: which Peruvian restaurants were awarded and how did the chefs react? | ADVANTAGE

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50 Best Latam 2023: which Peruvian restaurants were awarded and how did the chefs react?  |  ADVANTAGE

Peru Tops Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants with Maido at Number One

Peru once again stands out internationally thanks to its cuisine. In Rio de Janeiro, this Tuesday, November 28, the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America was announced and Maido was in first place, being – in addition – the best-placed Peruvian restaurant in the recognized ranking, which rewards the best of the region.

During the ceremony, the gastronomic proposal of chef Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura was highlighted, who “has elevated Nikkei cuisine to new levels from beneath the striking rope installation that dominates Maido’s modern dining room.” As stated during the announcement, this space located in the Miraflores district, “is extremely artistic and with a lot of research, but also incredibly welcoming.”

Maido, Micha Tsumura’s restaurant, was crowned the best in the region this Tuesday the 28th, at the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony, held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

When announcing his position in the ranking, Mitsuharu Tsumura, chef at Maido, pointed out that “it is true that there is a before and after of 50 Best in Latin America. Since Gastón Acurio, in 2013, organized for this list to be given here, I think this union began and it is what we celebrate the most every year. (We celebrate) this wonder that we have created of being able to work together, of seeing more and more countries on the list, making local cuisines, putting Latin America on the world map.”

“This, clearly, has been the best year in Latin America,” said “Mitcha,” who is also the creator of Tori, a well-known grilled chicken restaurant in the capital. The chef also thanked his team for the 14 years of service they have been offering.

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Kjolle, from Pía León, was the second best-positioned Peruvian restaurant, obtaining number 7. “The chef’s experience explores all corners of the Peruvian country, favoring bright and daring dishes in a dining room full of talent and creativity,” was what was highlighted from this space, located in Barranco. Kjolle is named after a tree that grows at extreme heights and this is Pía León’s cuisine, where the colors of the ingredients with origin defined by Mater Initiative prevail. In addition, it is characterized by the fusion of products, for example those from the sea meet others from valleys, high-altitude lakes, mountains and Amazonian forests. Prices range from 46 soles to 92 soles.

Another Peruvian restaurant that stood out in the best locations was Mayta. His proposal was celebrated, indicating that “eating at chef Jaime Pesaque’s restaurant is a relaxed, sophisticated and serene experience, with dishes that are a visual marvel and full of flavor.”

Merit, the Peruvian-Venezuelan proposal by chef Juan Luis Martínez was positioned at number 13. Renzo Garibaldi’s mastery in grills was awarded with 33rd place for the Osso restaurant.

As is known, Central won the biggest award this year, positioning itself as the best restaurant in the world in The World‘s 50 Best Restaurants. For this reason, they become part of a kind of hall of fame of restaurants that can no longer obtain awards from the well-known ranking. Despite this, Virgilio Martínez and Pía León were awarded for the work done in Mil, another of their proposals in Cusco, with 39th place.

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The renowned chef Gastón Acurio attended the award ceremony, where he celebrated the 42nd place that La Mar, his seafood restaurant, obtained. Rafael Osterling’s proposal in Rafael’s restaurant obtained position 46. Finally, entering the ranking for the first time, Cosme by James Berckemeyer was positioned in position 50.

Maido also shined thanks to the fact that its sommelier, Florencia Rey, won the Beronia Latin America’s Best Sommelier Award 2023.

In 2022, Peru had 4 restaurants in the Top 10 of the best in Latin America: Mayta (Position 9), Kjolle (Position 8), Maido (Position) and Central, which ranked first in the region and, later, was chosen the best restaurant in the world. In total, there were 8 Peruvian restaurants considered among the best in Latin America in 2022.

This year, the list varied: Astrid & Gastón fell to position 75, where Isolina was also found in position 73. Furthermore, in the 2023 list of the top 50, Peru managed to place 6 restaurants in the general ranking and 3 in the Top 10.

The Latin American countries with the best performance in that global list were Peru and Mexico. In the 2023 edition of this ranking that considers restaurants from all continents, Peru had 4 restaurants on the list: Central, Maido, Kjolle, Mayta. Meanwhile, Mexico had three Quintonil, Pujol, Rosetta.

At a global level, the country with the most restaurants in the international ranking is Spain (6 restaurants), followed by Italy (with 5 restaurants) and France, which ties with Peru with 4 restaurants. Gastronomy, without a doubt, is the best presentation card of the country.

In addition, in this edition of the 50 Best Latam, Peru was one of the sponsors of the event with the “Pisco Spirit of Peru” stand. National bartender Alonso Palomino, from LadyBee Bar, prepared pisco-based cocktails to share with guests at the gala in Brazil.

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